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The Extremely Embarrassing Life of Lottie Brooks

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Vickles20 · 05/05/2021 18:39

My daughter is 12 and I cannot get her to read. She read Ottoline books on holiday last year. But other than that. Nothing.

However. I bought her a copy of “ The Extremely Embarrassing Life of Lottie Brooks” and after a lot of grunting and growling and huffing. She read 3 chapters to me Monday night whilst I put her clothes away. And then, miraculously, actually picked up the book, totally unprompted, and read another 3 chapters last night. And is hooked!! She actually said she can’t wait to read it again tonight. After she hands all her electronics into us but before she turns her light out.

I could actually cry!!

Anyhoo. I need to find another book for her after this one. Any ideas please of wise Mumsnetters?

(Daughter is 1 of 4 kids. The other 3 kids enjoy reading. Daughter is under a literacy help scheme at school and has been told she has to read. And I have to sign it off. I think that was the kick up the butt she needed. She, out of all the 4 children NEEDS to read. To help her with her language/vocabulary.)

OP posts:
Christmasfairy2020 · 05/05/2021 20:57

My daughter downloaded wappad which is stories others have written. She reads the Harry potter ones constantly

Mamamia35 · 06/05/2021 08:40

My daughter enjoys the Matt Haig books. Evie and the animals.

The School For Good And Evil might be worth a try? It's being made into a Netflix film so she might like to be ahead of the game.

Vickles20 · 06/05/2021 12:15

That’s great. Thank you

OP posts:
QueenMabby · 17/05/2021 15:03

I would recommend the Agatha Parrot series. They’re hilarious. Also if your dd read Ottoline then also the Goth Girl series by Chris Riddell.

ThisIsSylviaDaisyPouncer · 17/05/2021 15:24

My daughter is that age and the kiss of death for her is if I recommend it. So instead I just leave books lying around and see what takes her fancy- long running series are great as them it’s her idea to get the next one. Skullduggery pleasant really worked for her.

Pinkyxx · 24/05/2021 08:43

My daughter loved The School of Good and Evil, Dork Diaries ( really easy read, and very funny), Harry Potter, Hunger games.

Totally agree with @ThisIsSylviaDaisyPouncer the kiss of death of recommending it... learnt that the hard way!

cakelover75 · 13/06/2021 11:10

Bought this book for my 11 year old yesterday based on this thread and she has been reading it all morning! It’s a miracle Grin thanks for the recommendation.

Gingersay · 26/07/2021 00:47

My dd9 was the same with lotte Brooks it was a total game changer for her reading. She absolutely loved it. I actually bought it for dd11 who is an avid reader and she didn't enjoy it as much.
I'm planning the dork diaries for Xmas.

WannabeGilmoreGirl · 26/07/2021 01:00

My dd loved Lottie Brooks, she also loved Scarlet and Ivy, The School for Good and Evil and it currently reading The Wizards of Once series.

parrotonmyshoulder · 01/08/2021 08:24

Leave some Percy Jackson lying around.

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