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Year 5 DS falling out with friends constantly

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Sleepymumma · 05/05/2021 13:47

Hello, am hoping someone can give me some advice on how to deal with this issue.
Up until he started in year 5 my son has always had no issues with his friends. He goes to a small village school that is one form entry so he’s only got so many options for school friends at the moment. The problem is that he is in a group with 2 other boys and 3 is not the magic number when it comes to friendships. Someone, usually my DS, is always being left out.
Is this normal for boys his age? He is 10 next month. It’s constant- they can’t seem to go a couple of days without falling out with each other.

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Beamur · 05/05/2021 13:50

Have you spoken with the teacher?
Unfortunately I would say, with experience, that this can be the downside of small schools.
Does he have friends outside of school too? Never a bad idea to widen your friendship group to people outside of school. Can be useful when going to High school too.

Sleepymumma · 05/05/2021 13:54

No I’ve not spoken to school as it seems to happen outside of school then they make up at school, then fall out again. However, if it carries on for much longer I will talk to the school to see if they can help.
He does play football out of school, but the 2 other boys are in his team too.
He is quite a shy boy so doesn’t make new friends very easily.

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BarbarianMum · 24/05/2021 21:52

Totally normal for Y5, that's when friendship groups start to disintegrate and reform. Not nice whilst it's happening mind. Secondary will be like a breath of fresh air for them, a chance to reinvent themselves and find their crowd.

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