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Sleepover for son and his 3 female friends

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novaparty12 · 02/04/2021 13:34

My son is 12 and autistic all his friends are girls. For his 13th birthday in the summer he wants to have his friends for a sleepover in the lounge 3 girls and him. Two of the girls are autistic like him and the other has GDD. How would mums of girls feel about this??? He cant see a problem at all - to him they are his friends regardless of their gender. They all attend the same mainstream school and all are high functioning but socially they are all probably about 10 yrs old. He would like to have pizza and watch The greatest showman.

OP posts:
coodawoodashooda · 02/04/2021 15:07

I'd do all of it but the sleepover. Blame covid.

TreeDice · 02/04/2021 15:08

I guess you can only ask? I wouldn't have a problem assuming chaperones appreciate that won't be the same for everyone.

Good luck!

Nandakanda · 02/04/2021 15:21

Will the girls' parents let them?

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