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Clothes retailer for 11 year old boy

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ZigZagToTheBeach · 11/12/2020 23:19

Where do your 11-12 year old boys like to purchase their clothes from?
DS11 just wears what I buy for him and takes minimal interest in clothes, but as he is going up to secondary school next year I would love to hear what the other boys might be wearing!
Currently I purchase things from H&M, Next, Fat Face, TU, couple of items from Saltrock.

OP posts:
mamalovebird · 11/12/2020 23:25

My 11 year old loves Rascal, Adidas & Nike. He also wears stuff from h&m/la redoute/reserved/next that I get him (tshirts, shorts, joggers etc).

PickAChew · 11/12/2020 23:29

Same places plus the odd bits from m&s and landsend for my boys, tbh. They're a bit older, now and Ds2 has a few Nike things and Ds1 is fully into man sizes and has a few tops from uniqlo.

GorgeousGoldies · 11/12/2020 23:30

Hollister in an XS or S.

wavecatcher · 11/12/2020 23:31

Mine like the brand thread boys it's in next and Asda. Fat face also but usually in the sale as it's expensive.,

Jumbojem · 11/12/2020 23:34

H&m and next are my preference. My boys preference would be JD Sports (Nike, Adidas, rascal, sonnetti and so on). You mention fat Face but I don't think they do teen aged clothes and my two would Def find their clothes a bit twee for secondary school. Hoodies, joggers, t shirts in plain basic colours from next or H&M interspersed with branded Adidas, Nike, perhaps some skate or surf labels.

RomaineCalm · 11/12/2020 23:42

Mine live in 'comfy clothes' so shorts, tracksuit bottoms, t-shirts and hoodies.

JD Sports, Next, Canterbury, GAP pretty much covers it.

Tootsietootie · 11/12/2020 23:46

Mine who sounds like yours is quite happy with second stuff from the charity shops/hand me downs. I've said 100s of pounds doing this over the years with my 4.

GooseberryTart · 11/12/2020 23:46

It depends on the child at that age DS wore a combination of JohnnieB, Newlook mens, Debenhams and H&M. But some are head to toe in sports gear. At 16 DS only wears joggers in the house or for PE in winter.

rockingaroundthemulberrybush · 11/12/2020 23:55

I have an 11yo with no interest in clothes either. I buy Lands End, Next, H&M, M&Co TU, Joules and Fatface. I get quite a lot of the above from second hand & charity shops or in sales.

BikeRunSki · 11/12/2020 23:58

Same type of places, plus a couple of bits from Hype. He really has minimal interest in clothes.

mamawithfive · 12/12/2020 19:44

My DS is 12. He lives in sports shorts, training tops, and hoodies.
He buys from sports shops.
Has a couple of nicer T-shirt’s from H&M and gets some bits from Primark.

shehadsomuchpotential · 12/12/2020 19:48

I son is very slim so i find next good for him. I have odd well chosen trendy bits from asda and h and m. But at 10 he is mostly head to toe in sports wear and snubs most other stuff and has done for at least a year. He'd look so cool and handsome in something that wasn't polyester or nylon. I am hoping its a phase! Not worn jeans for two years. Totally refuses. Joggers only.

midnightstar66 · 13/12/2020 04:43

Dd is 11 and the boys in her class mainly wear branded sportswear such as Nike/ Adidas trackies or hype hoodies and jeans that could be from anywhere

Matildatoldsuchdreadfullies · 13/12/2020 05:16

I found pre-teen boys tricky - not helped by the fact that my ds was a runt. They’re at the stage of wanting to choose their own clothes (i.e., they don’t want to wear Fat Face or mini-Boden), but are too small for adult lines. In contrast, at the same age, girls can wear the smallest adult sizes.

Matildatoldsuchdreadfullies · 13/12/2020 05:21

I was going to add, I remember ds insisting on a superdry hoodie. Even the smallest men’s sizes were huge for him, and (understandably) he would not contemplate a small woman’s hoodie. He got one, which he was still able to wear 6 years and over a foot in height later.

BikeRunSki · 13/12/2020 07:01

They’re at the stage of wanting to choose their own clothes (i.e., they don’t want to wear Fat Face or mini-Boden), but are too small for adult lines.

My 12 year old DS really isn’t interested, but at 5’4” he can fit XS men’s stuff.

BefuddledPerson · 13/12/2020 07:04

Mine didn't care about clothes! So I bought plain things with no visible branding as no one can take issue with classics.

SunnySomer · 13/12/2020 07:08

Mine wasn’t interested at that age. He’s skinny so I got most stuff in Zara or H&M.

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