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12, and day 12 of period

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glasha87 · 12/11/2020 08:07

Hi there, looking for some input, hope someone is more in the know than me.
My daughter is 12 and has had her period for four months now. On previous occasions it was fine, a little heavy but lasted the amount of time you’d expect, around 5 days.
She’s currently on day 12 and the flow doesn’t appear to be tapering off. It’s not exceptionally heavy but is what you would deem normal - just not normal at 12 days. She’s gone through multiple packs of pads.
I’ve only ever bled for 5 days max but usually 3-4 so I’m really feeling for her and quite worried. She’s obviously tired in herself and a little down about it too.
We brought her to the GP to days ago who said it was normal - is it? Or should I seek a second opinion? She didn’t take a blood test just felt her belly and asked a few questions.

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greenlynx · 12/11/2020 08:24

It’s not ok, my DD had the same problem when her periods started. She had nearly 2 weeks at first few months. She was prescribed tranexamic acid and was taken it for 6 months, then it became normal. She hasn’t got scans or any other checks, as GP said that it happened at the first 6 months then usually settled, and to be fair exactly after 6 months her periods became 5-7 days and less heavy.

RoseMartha · 12/11/2020 10:21

They can be very unpredictable in teens.
You can always speak to the school nurse (if you dont want to call your GP), and self refer if you are worried, especially if you think it is effecting her at school. But would also give you peace of mind.

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