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Angrymum5 · 01/11/2020 16:40

Yesterday I read an article about how body fat percentage triggers periods. The percentage is 17% I was wondering how My DD (11) who has a body fat percentage of 30.8% and 46.2kg hasn’t started her periods. I really don’t want her to start but I was just confused that this is not the same case for everyone.

OP posts:
dementedpixie · 01/11/2020 16:45

Its not an exact science and just because you hit minimum weight or the right body fat percentage doesn't mean you will start them. Does she have other signs of puberty? Normally have breast development quite some time before periods start

SparklyOwl · 01/11/2020 16:47

I don’t know what my body fat was when I started but I was by far the skinniest kid in the entire school, also the tallest. No reason for it as I ate well but have always been slender. I started when I was eight. I had no idea what had happened as my mum hasn’t talked to me about it and sex ed lessons didn’t start for another couple of academic years.

Diverseduvet · 01/11/2020 16:48

I saw a programme about this years ago. Stopped believing it when I had a year 5 class and 2 of the smallest girls started their periods first. I think maybe genetics play a bigger part. You will get signs for a few months before they actually start. Strange belly aches about once a month etc

dementedpixie · 01/11/2020 16:53

Body fat percentage can trigger the start of puberty but periods don't start until a later stage of puberty. Puberty is a slow process lasting a few years

Angrymum5 · 01/11/2020 17:27

A year ago. They ha e recently started getting sore

OP posts:
Jesusisking · 15/11/2020 17:30

Mothers tends to worry & worry about everything GrinSmile ,
I remember when I was 13years old & did not have any breast & not even a sign of its coming soon , & no other sign of puberty, my mother was extremely worried , took me to a Dr who did test & stated that everything looked good & reassured the extremely worried mum to be patient .This continued for another year.
Infact the day I told my mum that I was having some soreness of the nipples we had a very big celebration Smile on the day, & she kept on looking at my nipples with all excitement.
This is the mother instinct,
Pls relax, everything will be fine. Your daughter is just working with her own physiological time table. Pls just be patient.
And when it happens pls make sure you celebrate like my mum did Smile

SocialBees · 15/11/2020 17:37

11 is young to start OP. Body fat is only one factor. Nothing to worry about yet.

Imapotato · 17/11/2020 14:21

11 is quite young to start. Most girls are 12-14. I wouldn’t worry at all.

Is she developed in other ways? Dd2 started her periods at 11, but had C cup boobs at age 10, I knew she would be early. She started at least a year before her friends, some of which would have had a higher % of body fat.

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