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DS weight issues

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jessyjo2 · 28/10/2020 23:08

So my 11 year DS has always been fond of his food and little tubby.
We have noticed him getting heavier recently and weighted him and measured his height. He thought we were just messing about, i didn't want him feeling too consious of this. Anyway his BMI came up as 97 on HNS website, which is high. I was quite shocked and annoyed with myself. How could I let this happen to him etc.
He has a good idea himself that he needs to b careful what he eats but I don't want to say too much to him.
So i need to try help bring down his BMI.
He definitely isnt into sport or anything physical, but I always make him do some exercise everyday.
I have started to cut down on fatty food and treats, but so hard to make appropriate food that he likes. Any experience or advice?
Has anyone else assisted their child with this and how? Tips please.

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LeGrandBleu · 29/10/2020 07:05

Deep down, you know what to do and what food put him in the situation he is.
I would be kind but honest. Just say, you know, that food is not doing you any favour. You like because it was engineered in a lab to make you crave it, but it is damaging your health.
Watch together one of the so many movies on kids and food, such as fed up and make it a plan to change the whole family's diet, not only his.
Do you realise that treat as a verb has such a different meaning that treat as a noun which implies the reward with food. Should be banned.
Fatty food, fried food, crisps and chips, snacks and biscuit. Cut the crap and all the - if present - crappy industrial meals such as nuggets or potato waffles.
Get real in the kitchen and his taste can change.

SocialBees · 29/10/2020 07:15

Think about the key issue for your DS. Is it the type of food he's eating, or the amount (portion size) or the frequency (too many snacks)? Or a combination? Make sure that his evening meal contains lots of veg and protein and cut down on carbs and sugary food. Involve him in the meal planning and cooking - what meals does he like? Stews and curries are good for the winter months - chuck in lots of veg and cut down on his portion of rice or potatoes to go with it.

MsTSwift · 29/10/2020 07:21

I use smaller plates for me and my two girls (12 and 14). It’s easy to fill a large dinner plate. You can get fat eating too much decent healthy food.

jessyjo2 · 29/10/2020 08:54

Thank u for ur replies, really appreciate it.
Good idea on the plate size, would do me no harm to downsize too!
Definitely think now portion size could have been a problem as well as the quality of food.
I previously had followed slimming world for myself, so might use some of that guidance for DS.

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jessyjo2 · 08/11/2020 22:21

So got BMI down 3%, im delighted.
Smaller portions generally, more veg. Tried few new fruits, some he didnt like but some new he did.
Cut out as much junk food as I can get away with.
Im a little bugged he gets sweets as rewards in school but guess a few treats is fair enough.
Trying to get him out walking everyday, he isnt impressed but I insist!
Thank u everyone for your help, lets keep going..............

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miimblemomble · 10/11/2020 05:57

Great to hear Op.

DS is 13 now, he had a period of being overweight for his height around 11-12. We cut down on a lot of indulgences that had crept in, and upped the basic family meals of protein, carb and two veg. We still have some cakes / scones / biscuits etc but they are all home made so I can reduce the sugar and the portion size. I also make a reduced sugar granola for breakfast.

Plus he has grown: the dr told us that at his age he didn’t need to lose weight as such, just not gain it, and his height growth would even things out again. This seems to be happening.

jessyjo2 · 12/11/2020 21:44

Thank you for the encouragement. Great to hear your experience with DS. Yeah I'm trying to get balance right. Thought if I cut down on things a bit and as he gets taller weight would balance out. Hard in this weather to get exercise though. The battle continues......

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