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Spied · 25/08/2020 22:24

I have a very important medical appointment tomorrow. I will be out if the house for 1 hour 30 mins max.
Would you leave your DS 10 at home whilst DP (his father) is asleep upstairs (after a night shift) or would you try and find a family member/friend to keep an eye on him?
I have been thinking about this all day and keep swinging between it being absolutely fine and it being neglectful.

OP posts:
TheGirlWithTheArabStrap · 25/08/2020 22:28

I do night shifts and my DS is 8. I would do that. My DS is pretty sensible and we would tell him to wake me up if anything happened. I don't sleep heavily though so I'd wake if there was an unexpected noise. Would your DH wake up?

worldweary45 · 25/08/2020 22:29

Sensible 10 year old I'd leave -they can wake dad up if there's an emergency

MyEnormousTurnip · 25/08/2020 22:29

It’s absolutely fine.

Ohshitx · 25/08/2020 22:30

I think this is fine. As long as he knows not to wake Dad up unless it’s an emergency. Lock the door behind you and leave him on YouTube with snacks, I’d be surprised if he’d even moved by the time you got back Grin

Spied · 25/08/2020 22:30

He's a heavy sleeper which worries me.

OP posts:
cariadlet · 25/08/2020 22:31

A 10 year old would probably be fine on their own for a couple of hours during the day. Definitely ok with a sleeping parent in the house for emergencies.

parietal · 25/08/2020 22:51

absolutely fine. does the child have a phone to text you while you are travelling / waiting around at the hospital etc?

premiumshoes · 25/08/2020 22:57

Hmmm, Mumsnet will tell you it's fine. I would expect my DH to be awake. I have done many many night shifts and while a split sleep isn't ideal, as a one off it's certainly a solution.

The 'they can wake dad up if there is an emergency' thought worried me. 10 year olds are not the most observant of people. A 10 year old may not notice things an adult would, certainly not within the same time scale

But yes, the rest of Mumsnet will not just tell you it's fine but probably be a bit 'of course it is, why are you even asking' about it.

Do what you fee is the best for your child. I suspect it isn't leaving them alone with dad asleep otherwise you would be confident enough not to question it on here.

Neolara · 25/08/2020 23:02

I would leave my 10yo alone in the house for 1.5 hours if I had to go to an important meeting so I think it's absolutely fine to leave your DC at home with s sleeping adult.

Spied · 26/08/2020 13:15

Well, I went to my appointment.
Left DS with phone, a movie on and instructions not to open the door or eat grapes ( I know, I know, but I still cut them in half).
DS was fine. Hadn't moved. Phew.

I have awful anxiety issues and I don't actually always trust my own judgement which is why I asked for advice from a bunch of internet strangers you lovely people.

OP posts:
TheGirlWithTheArabStrap · 26/08/2020 14:08

Oh good! I'm pleased it went smoothly!

Thisyearcandoone · 29/08/2020 20:59

I'm with you on the grapes! I still chop them for my DC!!

Spied · 31/08/2020 18:59

Smile Can't be too careful!

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