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11year old acne

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bellawoods2018 · 24/08/2020 08:03

Morning all, my 11 year old daughter has suddenly developed acne. Her face is covered in sore, red, angry looking spots with areas around her nose pealing.
I bought her a Simple face wash after using an aloe Vera Bodyshop wash didn't appear to be helping.
Can anyone help with suggestions of how to help this improve? She is due to start secondary school in two weeks and was feeling nervous, she is now anxious she will stand out because of her skin.
Thanks in advance

OP posts:
ShouldEyeShouldntEye · 24/08/2020 08:11

We have so far staved off acne in our two teens/pre teens despite a strong family history of bad acne and some worrying early outbreaks.

We do the following:
Wash face twice daily with Nip and Fab teen range with salycillic acid. Use the face wasH then the pads. Dab tea tree oil on any individual spot.
Take a good Omega 3 tablet every day to reduce inflammation.
Reduce sugar intake as much as you can.
Tie hair away from face before sleeping and wash hair regularly. No product in hair that may touch face.
Drink a pint of water upon waking and wait 30 mins before eating. Keep hydrated with water all day.

bellawoods2018 · 24/08/2020 13:16

Shouldeyeshouldnteye, thank you for your tips and suggestions 😊
I'm popping into town tomorrow so I'll take a look at the skincare range you recommended.
She does cleanse her skin morning and night and she is good at drinking water. We've not tried the Onega 3 so I'll look to buy some to see if that helps.

OP posts:
DoingItForTheKid · 27/08/2020 23:09

Duac on prescription worked for 11 year old DD

Suzi888 · 27/08/2020 23:16

Tea tree oil on a pad mixed with liz Earle toner, anti bacterial wash, watch the fatty sugary content of food and drink, lots of water. No picking! Limit make up (or non comodogenic) so it doesn’t block pores
Hair off face - at least at night.
Tea tree shampoo - clean hair.

A pill like Dianette is great (depend on age/check health risks etc)

Suzi888 · 27/08/2020 23:18

Don’t strip the skin - more oil will be produced = more spots.

CasuallyMasculine · 27/08/2020 23:21

Does an 11-year-old really need to put so many products on her face?

Talk to the GP. They may refer her to a specialist if she has suddenly developed acne from nowhere.

Rupertpenrysmistress · 27/08/2020 23:43

I have tried all of the above for my dd since she was 10 she has just started a topical tretenoin on prescription. The difference is amazing, my poor dd was loosing her confidence everyday. I really hope you find something that works, my GP has been amazing.

happinessischocolate · 27/08/2020 23:47

If the acne has already flared up please go to the doctors and get a prescription to get it under control. Once it's calmed down then consider doing a new cleansing routine as mentioned above.

My 2 dc have been through this and the doctors prescription sorted it each time.

cantstopsinginglittlebabybum · 28/08/2020 00:12

Do not put simple near her face, that stuff is absolute crap. You need a face wash for her skin type and she needs to see the GP.

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