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mumcop · 17/08/2020 21:39

My DD is 9 but pretty developed. She's started getting spots. She cleans her face morning and night with simple face wash and using simple moisturiser.
I'm not keen on her using harsh products on her skin. Can anyone recommend something kind on the skin but that actually helps breakouts. Thanks.

OP posts:
theBelgranoSisters · 17/08/2020 22:01

My DD had the same thing- she'd had spots getting progressively worse and her mate told her to buy The Ordinary-Lactic Acid10%+HA..i wish id use dit when i was young its cleared them up and my dd feels a lot more confident&happy.

BF2748 · 18/08/2020 02:11

I’ve recently had a breakout due to too much sugar so I’ll definitely check that’s ordinary product out @theBelgranoSisters I’ve used the aha red peel which I really like but not for every day use.

BF2748 · 18/08/2020 02:14

Sorry not much help OP, it’s such a weird age, maybe she could try something like the charcoal masks as it’s natural or some mild formulated products with witch hazel/tea tree in them. Other option would be foods that aggravates the spots and hormones.

mumcop · 22/08/2020 20:11

Thanks everyone. Going to try nip and fab products as Iv heard they are good.

OP posts:
watermelonsugar99 · 22/08/2020 20:18

Hi, have you had a look at The Carbon Theory charcoal face soap? I used that a few years ago when I was 17 and it worked amazingly for me!! I'm 20 and still suffer with spots now and again, I use witch hazel and rose water which also helps so much! Hopefully you find a product that works for her soon. Try not to let her put too many different things on her face as that can make it worse. I was once told that products can sometimes take a good few weeks to actually work on the skin so stick with them for a while.. if all else fails maybe a trip to the GP for some prescription cream/medication to try help? X

FunnyItWorkedLastTime · 22/08/2020 20:20

I like La Roche Poésy Effaclar face wash for that age.

Toothsil · 18/09/2020 18:02

Did you find anything OP? My 10.5 year old has just started getting spots across her forehead. Teatree wipes and a witchhazel stick morning and night seem to help a bit but I was going to try the Nip & Fab range as I've seen it recommended. I bought a facewash in it but can't get the top to work! It's a pump one and I can't get it to start actually pumping 😤

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