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Period pants

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2anddone · 06/08/2020 08:31

My dd is almost 12 and hasn't started her periods yet but I don't think it will be long. Period pants weren't around when I started my periods and I had to learn to use tampons before I felt ready too as I did a lot of dance classes. My dd also does dance and gymnastics so I was thinking about getting her some period pants for when the time comes so that she can feel more confident doing her classes and not worry about leakages etc.
My question is how do they work? Do you wear them without any pad in which case does it feel wet and slimy (sorry tmi) or do you also wear a pad with them? I am on the pill but sometimes have a break through bleed and get caught out and I know how that feels so not sure if dd would like that feeling all day!!
Sorry as you can tell I am pretty clueless with regards to period pants but I just want to make sure dd feels comfortable when the time comes and I can support her. I didn't have any support when I started my periods (I only knew what they were through conversations with friends and what I had been told at school mum never had them chat' with me) and as a result gave up all of my dance classes as I never felt comfortable and couldn't work out how to use the tampons correctly at the age of 12.

OP posts:
JeanMichelBisquiat · 06/08/2020 08:40

I have a 12 year old who started her period about four months ago. We started with Cheeky Wipes pants, but to be honest she's not found them absorbent enough to use without a pad as well - but they're good for back-up to ensure no leaks.

However, Modibodi pants for teens are amazing; far more absorbent, not wet and slimey, and she's very happy wearing those without any pad. Most days except the heaviest they last all day - there seems to be one day each period where she needs to change them around lunchtime. They don't seem to get smelly (the Cheeky Wipes ones do, akin to used pads).

Hope that's of help - I highly recommend the Modibodi investment, if you can grit your teeth.... it's made it remarkably uncomplicated!

(For what it's worth, DD has access to pads, mooncup and tampons if she wants to try, but finds the pads cumbersome esp during the day, and hasn't managed any/much insertion from what I can gather from the other side of the bathroom door Grin, so pants are def the way forward for her at the moment.)

2anddone · 06/08/2020 08:54

Thank you that's so helpful Smile My dd is very private and even though we have an open relationship I think when the time comes she will tell me she has started her period and then want to sort herself out with limited help! She has carried a little makeup bag in her school and dance bag through the whole of year 6 with spare knickers, pad and nappy bag just in case her period starts at school or dance and she has practiced sticking one in her knickers so she will know what to do. I just want to make sure there are enough options available to her as possible as would hate for her to give up something she loves because she feels uncomfortable once a month (though would happily let her miss dance that week and just go the other weeks). I will get a selection of the cheeky wipes and a pair of the other ones you mentioned. Do you know how they come up size wise? She currently wears aged 8-9 knickers...she is tiny so could still be a little way off yet but want to be prepared!

OP posts:
JeanMichelBisquiat · 06/08/2020 12:17

Sounds like you're doing everything perfectly 👍

The Modibodi come up pretty true to size - my DD is a big tall 13, and the 12-14 work fine. Afraid I can't remember with the Cheeky Wipes.

If you're looking for ones that are more just leak proof rather than working as protection on their own, worth having a look on Amazon as well, as there's a fair bit of choice on there.

Hope that's all of help!

BarkandCheese · 06/08/2020 12:35

My DD is 12 and she uses period pants, she much prefers them to pads but doubles up with pads on heavy days. She has the cheeky wipe ones, they come up fairly small, the smallest size is 4-6 and they’ve been fine for her so far, she’s been wearing size age 10-11 knickers, but she’s had a growth spurt recently and I’ve ordered her some new ones in the next size up.

Shanster · 10/08/2020 04:12

I can also say the modibody swimsuit has been great for my 11 year old DD this summer.

Thethingswedoforlove · 10/08/2020 04:40

I think modibodi Are also amazing. You need a few as they obv take a little while to dry. But they don’t smell and my dd never ever uses pads and they have never ever leaked. They come up small in my experience- we have always gone for a bigger size than I would normally (we had to send some back and exchange them for a bigger siZe). We have just ordered a second swimming costume too as they are also really surprisingly great (and on half price offer at the moment!). We got the heavy flow ones doe night time. And for day 2. And always change them at lunchtime on the first three days. Definitely can’t recommend enough.

User1053051066 · 25/08/2020 23:28

My dd 12 just started in May. I bought some Modibodi, yesterday morning by 10.30 she had to change them as they had soaked right through. She was flustered at school, embarrassed and we are both disappointed tbh. I wouldn't mind if the absorbent part of the knickers had soaked everything up and it was saturated but it wasn't, the patch soaked was rather large but I don't think the absorbent part has drawn the leakage. They sound like a great idea in principle but they are not sufficient for everyone, only spend the £23 if you can afford to. They do offer a 30 day guarantee but we're past that. I have emailed anyway.

IndieTara · 02/09/2020 13:52

DD is 11 and uses Modibodi Red they've never leaked. They have different flow options too. The night time shorts are particularly good.
If anyone wants to try them I have a £15 off code

Aginplease · 06/09/2020 08:18

I was just going to start my own thread, hope it's ok to jump on this one. We have some innersay ones from Amazon that we have worn during lockdown, now DD is at High School I would like to invest in some better pants, we have the modinodi swim pants, which are amazing. Just debating whether to go for the cheeky wipes or modinodi pants, hoping to get some that will see her through the school day.

Aginplease · 06/09/2020 08:19

Modibodi! 🙈

IndieTara · 06/09/2020 11:55

@Aginplease DD uses the Modibodi Red heavy flow and they last her all day with no leaks. We also bought the M and S leak proof pants and those are great too

Aginplease · 06/09/2020 12:17

Thanks @IndieTara, I didn't know M&S did them, I'll look at them .

JemimaTiggywinkle · 06/09/2020 12:50

I use modibodi pants at night (tampons during the day). They obviously feel a bit moister than a tampon would, but they feel a lot nicer than pads... and much more environmentally friendly.

I hand wash them, and they do take a while to dry

IndieTara · 06/09/2020 12:54

@Aginplease I've never seen them in store only online

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