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Pulling out eyelashes?

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Heydoodledandy · 13/07/2020 20:28

My 10 year old daughter has been pulling out her eyelashes for the last year. She says she does it at night when she is reading her book and gets fidgety, but she’s also admitted to doing it when she’s been told off by us. I talk to her, explain that it is dangerous for her eye health, give her fidget cubes and blue tack to fiddle with, and explain that if she’s upset with us that she needs to tell us rather than do this. I’m so worried that this could be the start of signs of self harm. I got her some sessions with a child counsellor about 6 months ago but she hated it and they advised her to write her feelings down more, but it hasn’t really changed anything. Has anyone else had the same thing?

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thefemaleJoshLyman · 13/07/2020 20:57

My daughter has pulled out most of the hair on her head. It is hard. She's 10 too. I've looked on the Trichtillomania Facebook site for advice, there are lots of other people on there who can help.

Heydoodledandy · 14/07/2020 07:01

Thanks for this recommendation thefemalejosh I am looking that up now. I have wondered if it could be Trich too.

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