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Bum shorts

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Calanthe · 14/06/2020 18:53

What's the deal with girls wearing those awful shorts that expose the lower part of their buttocks?
I can sort of tolerate grown women wearing them, although I think they're vulgar (and very few can pull them off)!
Just wondering if parents worry about their girls walking around town- and the sort of unwanted attention/glances they get.

OP posts:
Bluntness100 · 14/06/2020 18:55

Christ op. Girls have been wearing short shorts for years. It’s their bodies they can wear what they want. It’s not about what you can “tolerate”.

Grow up.

hamstersarse · 14/06/2020 18:58

I hate to criticise girls/women’s clothes choices, but I’ve seen some awful sights in these bum shorts in the past few weeks

When I was that age, every girl I knew would rather not go out than wear such short shorts. I admire their ‘body confidence’ in some ways....I’m just not sure it’s a good look

Calanthe · 14/06/2020 19:00

I'm talking more about 11-15 year old girls wearing shorts that sit half way up their buttocks. As a parent should it always be left up to the child to wear 'what they like' or what is fashionable?

OP posts:
Wheresthebiffer2 · 14/06/2020 19:04

My child is 16 and I've never allowed her to wear short shorts like you describe. Mind you. I've also never allowed jeans with holes in either.

ghostmous3 · 15/07/2020 18:05

My 13 year old tries her luck with these constantly. In fact I told her to go and change earlier as she went to go out with these skimpy arse showing shorts and a small tube literally only just covering her bra and showing all her bra straps..just to go to the local shop. Fine on a beach..just not fine on a wed afternoon with dodgy people at the local shop!

I don't care if it's a girls choice to wear what they like.. we dont live in a nice world and I'm.not having some pervy 40 year old sounding his horn shouting let's see your tits love out of his van window (happened once) she was 12 at the time

Hate these shorts with a passion

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