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Worried about 12 year old ds

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Trainersmum · 08/06/2020 07:37

My 12 year old ds is getting very depressed during lockdown and feeling isolated. He's saying he's got no friends and no one likes him.

Bit of backstory. I've always worried about him a bit with friendships. Throughout primary school he never had friends round, a couple of play dates were never reciprocated. But he was always invited to lots of parties and had children to play with so I didn't think too much of it.

By year 6 he'd made good friends with another boy and they'd socialise outside school a lot. They went to different secondary schools but remained good friends. However it became apparent that this boy was being very spiteful to ds and acting very strangely being very obsessive and they eventually fell out.

Ds has gone to a secondary school where he didn't know many people, but he seemed to be making friends.

However he's now saying he wasn't and was just tagging onto other groups, he's saying no one will play online with him. The old primary school friend is also a constant online presence and seems to come between any mutual friends and 'latch on' to any friends ds does play with.

He's utterly miserable and I don't know how to help.

Before lockdown he was doing football, swimming, Scouts, Park run. But it's all stopped.

He's becoming more and more withdrawn. Any suggestions I make he gets angry with me. He's got little interest in doing anything other than watching YouTube.

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Lightline · 18/06/2020 23:03

Sorry I can’t offer much help. My DD has similar issues with friends, we encouraged her to be friendly with all the kids as she could be a bit picky. My daughter was also a bit hard work in that she likes things her way, I’ve spoken to her about that too to try to help. She does seem a bit better though with lockdown it is hard.
Maybe you could see if there is anything he can try to help himself. I know it’s impossible right now but is there any sport or activity he likes where he might mix with like minded people? It is heartbreaking to see you child suffer like that

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