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Private Counseller for DD12

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The2Ateam · 08/02/2020 21:54

Can any share their experience of finding private counselling for pre/teen please? We have been waiting for a CAMH refferal for a year now - during which DD12 has lost much-loved grandmother & moved to a new school. Her behaviour has our family’s on its knees, I am really worried about her and would like her to be able to open up. GP very helpful, chasing refferal only and suggesting online therapy - I don’t want to wait any longer. Grateful for your help please. Thank you x

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reindeesandchristmastrees · 08/02/2020 22:03

We go private. It has made such a fabulous difference to my son (who is now 14). If you can afford it, I pay £40 a session then I would absolutely do it. I got a personal recommendation and it so happens that the therapist is the one that local primary school uses. We did several months once a week and now are down to once a fortnight. Therapist is keen to drop further but my son doesn't want to. I used to pay for tennis lessons etc and now pay for this instead I see it as money so very well spent.
Good luck

The2Ateam · 08/02/2020 22:20

Thanks, that’s good to now. I don’t have any recommendations so I think finding one is the challenge.

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reindeesandchristmastrees · 09/02/2020 18:03

look for one that specialises in children

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