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EnormousBlisterPack · 15/01/2020 12:33

Any recommendations on moisturiser for DD (10). I prefer a natural range, use Ren which is a little pricey but I'm very sensitively
She had very dry nose, cheeks & chin plus a few spots cropping up

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JiltedJohnsJulie · 16/01/2020 08:10

I don't know if it fits your criteria but my DD uses the Body Shop's Vit E range.

EnormousBlisterPack · 17/01/2020 11:13

I used to be a fan of Body Shop but they're not as natural as they probably sound.

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JiltedJohnsJulie · 17/01/2020 17:07

I stopped shopping there when they became part of Nestle but have bought a couple of things since they've been sold again. My DD absolutely loves the Bodyshop and Lush though so actually uses the skincare I've bought, which is a win in my eyes Grin

Missarad · 18/01/2020 21:26

Nivea that's what my 10 yr old has

nearlyfinished1moreyear · 18/01/2020 21:27

Nivea soft in the white tub

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