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8 year struggling with friendship :(

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FrostyBeanz · 20/11/2019 17:22

Long time lurker, first time poster just after some advice / support really. My DD8 has always been a bright, confident (albeit a bit bossy) little girl with lots of friends, however recently she has been feeling like no one likes her. Her bestie has dumped her to play with someone else, but anytime she talks to new people bestie is back and lovely until they are no longer a threat (if that makes sense). I have told her to avoid her full stop but she would rather hang around the fringes being picked up and dropped than completely alone. She does make passing friends but nothing seems to stick, partly due to groups being quite cliquey. We have tried friends over and lots of extra curricular activities but her confidence is taking a real knock, she now is desperate to move schools but I'm reluctant as know it will be hard to find another as good!
Guess I'm just wondering what others would do in this situation?
I have spoken to the girl's mother and school and it works or a few days and then back to same old, same old. I'm at my wits end! Sorry for the long post!

OP posts:
BillHadersNewWife · 20/11/2019 21:18

The comment you make about her being a "bit bossy" is possibly the reason for her struggles OP. Is it possible that the other child genuinely likes her but when she begins to play with her again, sees that your DD is just the same as always and is too bossy?

I would be working on the bossy streak in all honesty.

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