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Not sure if I need to do anything?

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MollysMummy2010 · 30/10/2019 22:52

My daughter is 9 (10 at end of Jan) and has had a discharge the last couple of days. Sort of a dark colour and this has never happened before. She told me about it herself and I have googled but not sure - she has been at a gymnastics holiday club for half term so thinking maybe the lycra leoptard may be hot?

I suppose I am asking if she needs to see a doctor as Google seems to suggest it will correct itself or also maybe an infection.

I promise I am not a troll and just want some advice. She is extremely emotional at the moment so I am wondering if it might be period related (god I hope not as hoped to make double figures at least).

OP posts:
BillHadersNewWife · 30/10/2019 23:21

What colour is 'dark' though?

minesadecaf · 01/11/2019 13:16

I'd think her period.

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