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Period kit

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Merrymumoftwo · 23/09/2019 17:17

Can anyone recommend a good kit for periods or if you made one what was in it?

My DD is 9 years and showing signs of puberty and it’s been a while since I was at this stage so wanted to take advantage of some mum wisdom who are/have done this already. If it makes a difference she has ASD

OP posts:
dementedpixie · 23/09/2019 17:27

Lillets sells a wee zippy bag with teen products in it. My dd found them quite small though with leaks. She likes bodyform with wings. Think you can get period pants these days too

BusyDoingNothingx · 23/09/2019 17:30

Body form night time pads are the better ones IMO. They don't leak as much and the wrapper has a seal so your DD can wrap it up and it sticks shut. Maybe some fem fresh wipes as well if that helps her?

OrangeJustice · 23/09/2019 17:48

I’ve got dd some period pants as a backup for when she starts and it’s getting to grips with her choice of sanpro. They’re suitable for use alone but are amazing as leak protection alongside towels or tampons.

I use them and can 100% recommend.

I got these from aliexpress. UK sellers want a fortune for them. I bought medium which I’d say is around age 9-10. Asian sizing is tiny.

NoShitHemlock · 23/09/2019 18:16

I took DD to Easons before she started her period (at 9) and she chose a largish pencil case. We put in Lillets teens (the blue ones although I agree - they arent really big enough so we changed to the pink ones - I think they are nighttime and a much better fit), spare underwear, wetwipes (a little packet from Poundland) and over the years have added a strip of Paracetamol (teenager now).

I liked the idea of a pencil case - it's not obvious what it actually contains and I know that she has helped other girls out at school because she always has her kit with her.

FWIW DD also has probable ASD (currently being assessed) and knowing that she had everything she needed in one place and that it wasn't "obvious" definitely took some of her anxiety away.


NotPennysBoat · 23/09/2019 18:26

Apart from the obvious, age-appropriate pain killers, hot water bottle, massive bar of chocolate!

Seeline · 23/09/2019 18:33

Similar to Noshit but also added a few disposal bags, just in case appropriate facilities weren't available, or to put soiled pants in.

Merrymumoftwo · 24/09/2019 04:01

Thank you all Smile

OP posts:
reluctantbrit · 24/09/2019 19:27

DD uses. a small cosmetic bag with some pads, mini pack of wipes, spare knickers and some nappy bags. It lives in her bag Nd now in secondary in her locker.

She moved very fast to period pants, we use modi bodis, they hold very well, easy to wash and - very important - no pad shows in PE where they wear really tight shorts.

She didn’t like the idea of tampons but for a scout holiday she needed them. D loves them now.

Miseramel · 25/09/2019 13:11

I've just bought this for my DD who is showing all the signs of possibly starting soon (she's 10 next month). It hasn't arrived yet so can't comment on it but I thought I'd start here and then add to it if needed

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