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11 year old stick in the mud

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malificent7 · 25/08/2019 15:56

Dd 11 is going to secondary school in September and cannot wait however entertaining her in the holidays has been so hard.
She hates doing anything that isn't related to her friends or the internet...lovely days out with us are ruined by her moaning that she dosnt want to go/ wants to go home.
She is happy to go out to friends but at home she justs wants to stare at screens in her room.
She used to love art, baking, animals etc. Now she wants to be a model and thats it.

We did gave a nice holiday in Crete as herstep sis came along and they get on but both are phone obsessed.

I wouldnt mind if she didnt want to hang round with us so much is she had another interest apart from phones.

Im just fed up as dp ( stepdad)makes such an effort to organise nice things for us to do...camping trips etc and she moans.

With me she just wants to shop but i have very little money for this.

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malificent7 · 25/08/2019 15:57

Oh and the work "walk triggers a massive NO and a fake illness to get out of it!

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JiltedJohnsJulie · 26/08/2019 08:47

You have my sympathy as my DD can be like this. Could you limit her phone usage?

If my DD us moaning about days out or camping, she gets told she can have her phone when she gets back, if she behaves. Phones are a privilege, well they are as long as I’m paying the bill anyway Smile

If DP is arranging some lovely trips, are you consulting her about what she would like to do?

euro23451277 · 26/08/2019 08:54

That’s teens for you, which is just around the corner!! Unfortunately she’s at the age / getting there where she doesn’t want to spend as much time with you and DP but of course she will want to see her friends.

It just is what it is, you will find things that you both want to do, ie just taking her for her nails to be done once a month or something for that quality time.

Speak to her about the lovely trips, your idea of lovely and hers aren’t the same clearly. See what she wants to do, there will be something!!

malificent7 · 27/08/2019 12:24

We went to the beach with her best friend yesterday and she loved it. I do feel for her. I would love to go pony trekking with her but she's scared of was desperate to have a go 6 months ago.

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