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AvonCallingBarksdale · 25/07/2019 18:11

DD 12 has just had her first period. If she slots into a regular cycle, and I know that won’t necessarily happen straightaway, but if it does, she’ll have her second period when we’re on holiday. She’s adamant about not trying tampons yet. Anyone got any recommendations for the new period underwear/swimwear that I’ve heard about? It’s very much a beach/activity holiday.
Thank you.

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reluctantbrit · 26/07/2019 12:12

DD has period underwear but they are not suitable for swimming. The swimming ones are quite expensive, with her growing I just can't justify paying £70 for a swimsuit.

DD's period started 6 months ago and is fairly unpredictable. She just got it 2 days before going on a camping trip with her Scout pack and the activities are also water based. So she had to bite the bullet and got the tampons out.

She has the Lilet minis with applicators and there is a little video on their website. Armed with that, the tampon and chocolate for bravery she went and just did it.

Whichoneofyoudidthat · 21/08/2019 12:53

A friend speaks highly of modibody swimwear for her daughter

They're not cheap though.

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