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11 year old son

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Hotpinkangel19 · 19/07/2019 11:31

My 11 and a half year old son has began to get spots, quite a few on his forehead and sides/end of nose. Is it worth seeing a GP or should I wait? Is there anything I can try at home, should/shouldn't be doing?
For extra info, he's Autistic and finds it hard to make friends/has issues with social communication and is just about to start high school so anything I can do to prevent them getting worse would really help.

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SmartPlay · 19/07/2019 11:40


mcmen71 · 19/07/2019 18:08

My dd started to drink Aloe vera and puts a hot cloth on her face. It really helped her skin. Reduce fizzy drinks.

Hotpinkangel19 · 19/07/2019 21:54

Thank you

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DumbleDork · 19/07/2019 23:18

My 11 year old is like this too. I get him to use a teatree face wipe morning and night and it’s helped a lot Smile

lippy72 · 19/07/2019 23:21

I'd recommend carbon theory soap it has tea tree and charcoal but it's brilliant !

Mumof1andacat · 19/07/2019 23:22

Over the counter creams/gel will help. No need to see a gp. Lots to choose from in boots or super drug

taylorowmu · 19/07/2019 23:24

Spots are quite normal are they not? I wouldn't see the GP.

Bunnybigears · 19/07/2019 23:27

No need for a gp. My 12 year old DS uses freederm gel. He puts it on before bed. It seems to reduce them but most teenagers/pre teens get spots its just part of life.

fairynick · 19/07/2019 23:33

I’m 22 years old and have had acne since being 10, so I’ve tried everythingggggggg you can think of. Because I’m a female it’s different, mine is caused by pcos etc.
Because your lad is a lad, it will just be puberty talking and I would recommend using some otc things before going to a gp. All the things mentioned above can work but in my experience look for ingredients salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. If these creams won’t work then the gp can prescribe a better strength.
In the mean time don’t mention his skin or draw any attention to it, he might not actually mind which is then a non issue.

LilyGreen19 · 27/07/2019 20:17

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