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Does my pre teen have a screen addiction?

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Pikapikachooo · 01/07/2019 17:10

Hi. There are some issues at home which are very slowly getting surfaced . I am also aware that kids use screen time to escape their issues . I also believe their dad is too strict and I am far too soft . However it’s got to the stage I don’t want to be around my DS as it’s so unpleasant . Examples

The minute I get through the door rifling though bag for my Phone

Incurring bills for games and not even apologising

Doesn’t really want to do anything else sadly

Any walk or activity means he begs for my phone to play on

Any refusal met with violent emotional
Sustained tantrums

Time together basically ruined by the screen time as either arguing about it or trying to get him off it

Wakes up early to go on it

Even after his weekend session wants more

Refusal and reluctance to do proper
Homework , music Practice etc (even when he had had his ‘time’

He is very Troubled and unhappy
And Family Life is very fraught

But I am torn between thinking he is escaping from RL , to a real concern

I don’t know what to do

Thanks for any feedback or insight

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