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Sports bras for 11 yr old?

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aquietlifeplease · 27/06/2019 23:16

My 11 yr old daughter is currently wearing racer back crop tops but is getting to the point where she is going to need a little more support. She is very sporty and really doesn't want to wear a bra at all so i was hoping she might wear some proper supportive sports bras. I was wondering if anyone could advise on where is a good place to source some and also if anyone has experience of sporty girls that refuse to wear a bra? Thank you

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AnguaResurgam · 28/06/2019 08:47

Try the more supportive sports cross-tops from TKMaxx. Ones from sports brands generally offer more support, and are fine for those with a smaller bust (which I'm guessing is the case for an 11yo.

But what size is she? (actual under and over bust measurement would be useful)

reluctantbrit · 28/06/2019 11:00

I would look for sport crop top, they are a bit more structured than a normal one.

DD wears the sports bra from M&S Angel though, in her case she a) saw her best friend wearing one and b) really found out how much difference it makes. She binned all her normal crop tops as "it hurts wearing them" during PE. Could you ask her to give one a try and let her see how much differnce it makes?

aquietlifeplease · 28/06/2019 15:32

I will have to get hold of her and see if she'll let me measure her, she really doesn't like, and never has, people touching her so I foresee a battle. I was thinking if I had some ideas of places to try I could measure her and take her to hopefully get some in the same day so minimising the amount of stress it will cause her. Thank you for the suggestions I will certainly look into them.

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