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11 year old disturbing comment?

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Busymummy50 · 25/06/2019 00:17

Going to try my best to keep this short. 11 year old. Suspect mild aspergers but not diagnosed. Spoke age 3. Didn't really role play, loved lego but just to build and puzzles. Love computers games/screens. Started chewing skin on fingers on and off since 5. Socially can make friends, but not all stay close friends as he can be annoying sometimes in ways can't explained. Doesnt show empathy much to others but some times does. Has a 7 year old sibling but doesn't like her (jealousy).

Moved schools and house and area 6 months ago. Took to new school well and seems to have made friends.

He can be hard work and now very defiant, rebellious and mouthy. If he doesn't like something then he'll have meltdowns or moan and moan until you lose temper.

Teachers say he seem happy at school and always playing with someone.

Recently said "oh I could make a video about suicide" I asked what he meant and he said could make a song with lyrics about suicide. On a separate occassion abiut a different subject, he knocked my boobs by accident and I said to be careful then he said "oh imagine your boob fell off and I wash it and put it in a jar". Is this disturbing or is it just me being sensitive?

Has any one had similar experiences? If I should be concerned then who do I talk to to get advice? Prior to this he's not mentioned things like this except when playing computer games but he only plays games no older than 12 but fortnite although looks innocent, is shooting characters.

OP posts:
FishCanFly · 27/06/2019 09:57

picking up shit from YouTube or someone else at school?

Smith888 · 06/07/2019 20:10

Fortnite is in fact a very aggressive game. My son was having a lot of anger issues so I played for a week and became anxious and very on edge (like the feeling of walking down an alley alone at night and behind scared out of your wits with your heart pumping through your chest - I kid you not). When he realised this was the effect he gave it up.

I would ask him where he got the idea about suicide. I would also ask him if he is happy at school. Teachers always say "he seems happy". They said that about my son and he was miserable and being bullied. He started to play Fortnite to fit in but was eventually bullied through the game anyway.

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