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9 yr daughter thinks she’s fat

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Lbs4 · 18/06/2019 13:25

My 9 year old keeps telling me that she thinks she’s fat. She is not, she is healthy and does not look overweight. She compares herself to a couple of popular girls in her class who have narrow builds and are very skinny. My husband and I are both broad shouldered and have more muscular builds rather than smaller framed and I have tried to explain to my daughter that everyone is different. It’s been over a year and the conversation still keeps coming up. I am concerned as she gets older heading into teenage years that her worries might progress into unhealthy dieting and body image. It may appear that I am over reacting but having had some experience with people suffering with eating disorders many years ago I would rather try and deal with the potential problem now. Has anyone had any similar experiences or have any practical advice on how to deal with this issue.

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soniamumsnet · 20/06/2019 10:16

Hi @Lbs4, we're just giving this thread a bump for you in case there are any Mumsnetters on hand to give you a bit of advice and support. Flowers

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