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Birthday party ideas for 13 yr old

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Storminateacup74 · 27/04/2019 19:50

I am struggling to think of something to do for my daughters birthday. She will be 13 in August and the popular choice at the moment seems to be a huge hall party with girls of 12 dressing up and looking like they are 18 with boys. I really want to stay away from this as I dont like the messages this sends. The other popular choice is a sleepover with lots of sugar no sleep and watching scary films. Our house isnt really set up for this and I find them so stressful coz all my dd friends seem to be a bit hyper. I have suggested swimming at the local fun pool and and an all you can wat buffet at a restaurant after. Also maybe a pamper party but apparently both are babyish!! I didn't realise 13th parties were such a big thing. Any ideas of something that isnt sleepover or hall party?? Thanks

OP posts:
dementedpixie · 27/04/2019 19:51

Cinema and food? Laser tag? Escape room?

Theresomethingaboutdairy · 27/04/2019 19:54

My dd turned 13 last year. We did an escape room for her and 7 of her friends followed by a meal in an Italian restaurant (her and friend on one table and family on a different one around the corner!) She did have a couple of friends to sleepover afterwards too although this wouldn't be necessary. They all seemed to have a great time. When she turned 12 we hired the local roller disco and invited lots of friends-that was really enjoyed too and didn't seem babyish.

Hiddenaspie1973 · 27/04/2019 19:59

Following. My DD is 13 later this year and has been steadily losing friends. She's got 1 mate at school and 1 out of school she sees approx 4 x per year.😪
So I have no idea. Probably a meal out.

Storminateacup74 · 27/04/2019 20:02

I like the escape room idea. It is so hard because they are only 13 not 18 and likewise they aren't 10 anymore.

OP posts:
BrigitsBigKnickers · 27/04/2019 20:07

Mine both had a really silly party in the garden with sumo suits, a bouncy castle and a gladiator thing for their 13th.

Their friends absolutely loved it!

Ginger1982 · 27/04/2019 20:09

What about a pony type party at a riding school? You could get a half day caring for pony and riding? Does she like horses?

FurrySlipperBoots · 27/04/2019 20:10

Go Ape?

Storminateacup74 · 27/04/2019 20:15

We did go ape last year and a trampoline park last year. I honestly thought last year would be the last big party but 13 seems to be huge!!

OP posts:
RedSkyLastNight · 27/04/2019 20:23

Norm for 13 year old girl parties here is just to have a group round to the house for something like from 3-8 pm (sleepver optional) Then they play silly games like truth or dare, choclakte game, things with balloons, possibly go to the park for a bit to hang out, watch a film, make icecream sundaes, do each others makeup, take zillions of photos .... I get the impression they prefer that to an activity type party.

Hollowvictory · 27/04/2019 20:27

What do you mean when you say your house isn't set up for a few friends round for a sleepover? What set up is required? They could even camp in the garden if you have one.

Storminateacup74 · 27/04/2019 20:33

I have suggested this type of thing (party at home with food make up etc) and it is prob want we will end up doing as I will not back down and do a big hall party!! This is the only downside to going to an outstanding school in a good area as alot of her friends are from affluent backgrounds so some of the parties are massive.

OP posts:
Hollowvictory · 27/04/2019 20:35

Lol at the stealth boast

TigerQuoll · 29/04/2019 11:26

Hollowvictory the phrase nowadays is "weird flex but ok" Grin

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