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Facewash for 11 year old

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beautifultrauma · 27/04/2019 13:18

Hi, does anyone have recommendations for a facewash for my almost 12 year old DD? She has just been splashing water on her face in the mornings but think she needs to use some sort of facewash now. Are there some mild ones out there especially for kids this age? TIA

OP posts:
allthingsred · 27/04/2019 13:23

Lush have some lovely ones in. I found it good to go there as a treat to encourage my dd to start a good skin care routine when she turned 12.

Now she uses simple or neutragena range ( she goes & picks what she wants from poundland)

FiremanKing · 27/04/2019 13:24

The Good Things range

You can buy in Sainaburys

beautifultrauma · 28/04/2019 10:34

Thank you, I will look into both of these Smile

OP posts:
lotusbell · 13/05/2019 08:12

DS12 currently liking this: we've also tried the Oy! Green People one. You could also try Sam Farmer or Spots and Stripes.

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