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All she wants to do is go to Westfield!

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Blue48 · 10/04/2019 22:43

12 year old daughter is on school holidays and arranging to meet up with friends. All they want to do is hang out at Westfield. On Saturday a mum drove 3 of them there and they had lunch and did a bit of shopping with pocket money. Fine. Happy daughter and as it was one of the girls birthday it was kind of a birthday treat. But now she is organising with a different friend to do the same tomorrow and then another friend wants to go next week. I think it is a) a waste of money-she has to take her own pocket money for clothes (which she doesn't need) but I will end up giving her lunch money and b) just so mindless.
Don't get me wrong, I love a bit of retail therapy, but I wish they would do something more positive/productive. And 3 times in a week is ridiculous. I have said no to next weeks jaunt but I wish I could come up with some suggestions for things that they could do that would compete with flipping Westfield.
Wise Mumsnetters with tweens what do you suggest?

OP posts:
JassyRadlett · 10/04/2019 22:46

She’s hanging out with her friends at a shopping mall. That is almost stereotypical teenage girl behaviour. I’d get used to it. Many things kids do, particularly when together, are pretty purposeless.

Chilledout11 · 10/04/2019 22:46

I used to do that a lot at that age. Cinema, swimming, bowling.
Beauty treatments (diy at home)
Don't really see any harm in going to Westfield. I don't like shopping at all now but she probably just loves the freedom and friendship

W0rriedMum · 10/04/2019 22:47

Yeah I'd feel the same as you. It is just mindless consumerism and fuels competition among the girls, not to mention how expensive it gets!

Other ideas..
Cinema and McDs or Nandos?
Back to yours for a bake off?

Blue48 · 11/04/2019 07:35

You're right that it's typical, all her friends are doing it and yes, she loves the freedom/independence. I guess I was a lot older before I wanted to go shopping with friends but I had freedom in a different way-running around neighbours' gardens all day without my mum having much of a clue where I was. And I guess that would just stress me out in a different way!

OP posts:
DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen · 11/04/2019 07:45

She's 12,the days of her running round people's gardens are gone.

She's doing what teens do, spreading their wings in a safe environment with mates.

I was doing the same 35 years ago.

Pedagoogle · 11/04/2019 08:37

I say this kindly; for you it’s a waste of money and mindless because you’ve done it a million times, but for her, it’s freedom and being an adult. Give her 30 years. She’ll catch up.

LetsDialDownTheIanPaisley · 11/04/2019 08:43

It's new to her which is why it's fun and exciting, leave her be.

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