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bought Usbornes What is happening to me for boys for my 9 year old onthe do I go about it??

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staydazzling · 28/02/2019 16:38

It's needed as he is an early developer (5 "1 at 9, wearing deodrant already etc) physically so needs to understand Puberty at least. But how do I go about it? I can't just hand it over can i but what's the best way?? he is ASD very high functioning but it's there, the sexual elements of the book are obviously neccessary but hard to wonder how he will make sense of it?

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JiltedJohnsJulie · 01/03/2019 07:56

I think you'd be best asking him what he wants to do. My DS wanted to read it together, which I think really helped him as he asked questions there and then and my DD chose to read it by herself and ask questions later, and she did, many times Grin

They've not got ASD though so I'm not sure if it would have affected the process.

Lemonsquinky · 01/03/2019 08:11

There's a book on Amazon called What is happening to Tom, for boys with autism. I haven't used it, so you'll need to check the reviews yourself.
I have used The Growing Up Book for Boys. What boys on the spectrum need to know. I can't really remember the content but it's good. I have older boys to you.
I also have Making Sense of Sex. It's good. It's for teenagers as it covers sexual relationships.
The thing to remember is you need to explain using simple language and correct names. Autistic people need more sex education iyswim. Understanding the relationship parts need to be taught.

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