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Tampons - too young??

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Dollygirl2008 · 21/01/2019 18:47

Just that really - my DD is 10 and is on her second period and I'm thinking over the Summer when she's on a three week holiday with her father abroad. I didn't start using tampons until I was about 15, but that was 30 odd years ago!

I suppose the question is, is there an age that's considered "too young" for tampons, and are there physical/health reasons why they shouldn't use them?

OP posts:
shutlingsloe · 21/01/2019 18:52

My dd used them when she was 11 and on holiday. I think they used to say fifteen but I don't think there's a particular reason why! My dd just got used to them because she wanted to go in the pool!

bellinisurge · 21/01/2019 18:53

I would say it's her choice.
I would also say that if she's with her Dad for 3 weeks her should help her manage her periods. If he doesn't know what sanpro she's using he can't help her with disposal/opportunity to change/period pain management etc.

WarIsPeace · 21/01/2019 18:55

Imho if you are old enough to have periods you are old enough to use tampons, I did from the first one.

However, it took many months to get the hang of judging how often to change etc and many disasters in the mean time

Dollygirl2008 · 21/01/2019 18:57

Thanks. She's doing good so far with pads and period pants, but it would be lovely if she could just have the option of using them when needed (holidays, swimming etc). I don't see the need for constant use, not at her age.

OP posts:
Ribbonsonabox · 21/01/2019 18:57

I dont think there is a set age... but you need to be sure she is responsible enough to remember to change them regularly at the end of her period because of the risks when they are left in too long.
If she wants to and shes capable of keeping on top of that then I think she should give it a go.

dementedpixie · 21/01/2019 18:59

I don't think you can be too young. Lillets to tampons in the teen range and Tampax makes slimmer ones called lites. Dd used them on holiday but only if she was going in the pool. At other times she used towels

kalefire · 21/01/2019 19:01

I used tampons from my first period, towels weren't even an option (thanks DM!!) but I was 13, so a little older than your DD.

Ultimately it's her choice, does she feel comfortable enough with it?

Dollygirl2008 · 21/01/2019 19:01

Thank you all. Yes, you're right Ribbons - she has to be responsible about them. Although I'm constantly asking her whether she's changed pads etc, and am being told that "I'm quite capable" accompanied with an eye roll! So far so good and she is doing great. Not ideal that she's the first of all her friends (if not the class) so it's all being done in secret

I'll give it a few more months yet and see how she goes.

OP posts:
Dollygirl2008 · 21/01/2019 19:02

We've not really spoken about them Kalefire; it's just something in the back of my mind. I honestly don't think it's dawned on her about the impact on swimming over the summer and I don't want to panic her - just yet!!

OP posts:
loopy42 · 21/01/2019 19:08

My DSD used tampons for the first time on holiday at age 11 when she wanted to go in the pool.

She wasn't keen on the idea to start with but after 2 days of watching everyone else having fun in the pool she changed her mind

Racecardriver · 21/01/2019 19:10

Well they need to be mature enough to make sure they change them regularly enough and can seek assistance if they can’t get them out/loose them. But I wouldn’t put an age on that.

Tidypidy · 21/01/2019 19:38

My dd has used them for nearly a year from age 11. She was at Scout camp last May and wanted to do all the activities so she tried Tampax. She says she can almost forget about her period with them. I use tampax too so she's familiar with them. She uses the lights and I need super plus! DD is very mature and sensible but I still remind her to check she's removed the last tampon of each period.

Italiangreyhound · 21/01/2019 19:48

I think 10 is quite young. I'd also be worried on a trip with dad she may not remember to change them often enough and dad reminding her might be hard for her.

Can you ask your GP?

If she does start using them I'd say she could learn to set a reminder on her phone to change them.

Italiangreyhound · 21/01/2019 19:52

Ps of course it is her choice. If she did-t way to I would necessarily encourage if.

I started my periods at 11, so did dd. Dd was at high school. I know it is only one year it just seems so young.

Good luck.

Italiangreyhound · 21/01/2019 19:53

Didn't want to...

SemperIdem · 21/01/2019 19:55

I started my periods older than your dd (13) but only ever used tampons, right from the first period. Didn’t like the thought of pads.

prettybird · 21/01/2019 20:01

I started using them aged 11/12 when I started my periods c55 years Blush ago. I never even considered that there was a "too young".

It's even better nowadays because there are different sizes available. Back then my mum started me on Tampax as she thought the applicator would make it easier for me, but I soon moved on to Lillets (which is what she used) as they fitted better.

sayitisntsojo · 21/01/2019 20:02

My DD is an athlete and as such used them from the start (along with pads when not training) at the age of 13

prettybird · 21/01/2019 20:02

Added 10 years to my age Shock - it was c 45 years ago Grin

museumum · 21/01/2019 20:07

I used them from my second period age 10 and still at primary. I think it’s the only thing got me through. I’d have been so upset if I’d had to miss out swimming etc.

Dollygirl2008 · 21/01/2019 22:56

Thank you all for your helpful replies. It's made me think that she's not too young, but it's ultimately up to her - I can but give her the information to help her make the decision

One thing did make me smile was a poster who said that she may feel uncomfortable with her dad reminding her to change - although she doesn't want anyone else knowing, she was adamant she wanted to tell her dad she'd started her periods. She FaceTimed him - I listened in secret and had to smile at the obvious uncomfortable reaction from her father!!! He said "well done"!!!! It really was funny and quite sweet - he was lost for words but did very well being "cool" about it!!

OP posts:
SemperIdem · 21/01/2019 23:44

Would recommend Lilets over Tampax. Never got on with the latter.

I started my first period whilst at my dad’s. He didn’t make me feel self conscious at all, glad your daughters dad is the same. Makes a real difference when you’re young

Italiangreyhound · 22/01/2019 00:47

It's good she feels happy with dad knowing all about it. It's not that I thought she shouldn't, just that some girls would.

Minimincepies · 22/01/2019 01:04

I've just switched from tampons to a menstrual cup and find it so much easier - might be worth her giving one a try? No worrying about disposing of used sanitary products or remembering to take fresh ones with you - just rinse or wipe out and reinsert and you're good to go. Better for the environment too!

Silkyanduna · 22/01/2019 01:27

Can’t remember how old I was when I first started my period think I was 11/12 but used tampons from my first period. I k ew I would hate pads and even before I had my first period I used to nick my mums tampons to practice so u was prepAred. Still can’t stand padsonly uses them when I really hAve to the just Make me feel Ickiy. I was however the only one in my group of friends who used tampons.

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