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Overweight DD

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childrenwithneeds · 15/01/2019 19:38

I'm not after negative or bad parenting comments - I'm here for some help and advice.

My 12/nearly 13 year old DD is overweight and despite eating reasonably healthily at home, providing packed lunches so know what I'm giving her, she doesn't seem to care about the fact she is overweight.

She is approx 5'5" tall and weighs 210lb (15 stone). She is a size 12-14 bottom and 16-18 top, depending on where we buy from.

Over time I've tried the nice chat, I've tried the scare-mongering chat, I've tried the Auntie and nana chat, even her best friend have tried to help her... if I was to take her to the GP I don't know what they could do that would make any difference to her.

I am at my wits end and don't know what else to do or try.... she doesn't eat lots of sweets/rubbish etc and has a good varied diet....

Help/advice would be really really appreciated.

Btw, this DD is not the one with additional needs..... x

OP posts:
JiltedJohnsJulie · 15/01/2019 19:46

If you've had so many people try and talk her around, you must be really worried.

I'm just wondering what she does apart from school? Does she go to any school clubs or anything outside of school?

If you are doing packed lunches, do you think she's buying food? Does she get much pocket money?

Have her periods started yet? I know they often put weight on just before.

When my DS was constantly eating, a kind MNer pointed me in the direction of this guide from the Caroline Walker Trust. After reading it I realised that he wasn't getting enough iron. Once I upped the iron his grazing stopped and he's slimmed down a little.

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