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DS wants to shave underarm hair-not sure?

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retainertrainer · 04/12/2018 17:35

DS is 9 (10 in a few weeks). He’s developed quite a bit of underarm hair. I’m guessing he’ll be one of the first in his class to have it although I obviously don’t know that. We’ve reassured him it perfectly normal etc but he’s feeling self conscious. He starts swimming with school in January and he’s been practicing his front crawl on the carpet and asking if I can see the hair (which I can’t). He’s seen me shaving my pits and asked if he can do his.

DH thinks he just needs to get used to it and shavings not a good idea. I think maybe trimming with scissors wouldn’t hurt. I remember feeling hideously self conscious when my body started to change and I wasn’t a particularly early bloomer. I think once he starts noticing other kids getting underarm hair in a few years he won’t be bothered by it and will be happy to let it fro but for now,if giving it a trim gives him his confidence back then I think we should let him.

Any suggestions/experience please?

OP posts:
motortroll · 04/12/2018 17:37

It's more common for Jen to shave body hair now. It's his body if he isn't comfortable why not let him? Obviously alongside reassurances that it's normal and it's his choice to shave or not rather than what other people think.

motortroll · 04/12/2018 17:37

Men obvs not Jen!

dementedpixie · 04/12/2018 17:38

If he was a girl would you say yes? I'd let him do it tbh. He can then choose to let it grow back or to keep removing it

ghostsandghoulies · 04/12/2018 17:39

Exactly what demented said.

Babymamamama · 04/12/2018 17:41

I would let him shave and help if he needs help. It may be at another stage he will be more comfortable with body hair but he's quite young and going to be swimming which will make it very obvious.

retainertrainer · 04/12/2018 17:42

Brilliant I’m relieved I seem to have got this right! That’s what I said to DH,that it isn’t actually our place to tell him what he can and can’t do to his body (within reason of course!).

I’ve told him at the moment that we’ll see how he’s feeling about it after Xmas but I’ll just go ahead now and get it done.

I’ve never quite forgiven my mum for not showing me how to shave my legs. I did it in secret when I was about 13 and felt like I was going something naughty. I don’t want that for him.

OP posts:
floatingcarrot · 04/12/2018 17:43

I'd say let him but obviously teach him that razors are sharp and risky, and that he needs to be very careful with a razor in his hands at all times. Otherwise, let him express himself how he wants to!

Haworthia · 04/12/2018 17:44

Let him shave - no need to compromise with “trimming” if he feels that self conscious about it.

retainertrainer · 04/12/2018 17:45

On a separate note-this is early isn’t it? I’ve posted separately about it and I did phone the gp, all reassured me that it’s within the normal range but his first ones sprouted when he was 8 (literally 1 or 2). It just seems so young still!

OP posts:
dementedpixie · 04/12/2018 17:46

Has he got any other puberty signs?

retainertrainer · 04/12/2018 17:50

BO (which we keep at bay with deodorant so it’s not a problem) and quite a bit of pubic hair.

OP posts:
retainertrainer · 04/12/2018 17:50

Oh and a few little black heads.

OP posts:
ghostsandghoulies · 04/12/2018 22:16

My 12 year old son doesn't have any underarm hair but there are 9 year old girls who get their period so it doesn't seem outrageous that a 9 year old boy would have underarm hair. (I personally remember using hair removal cream at age 10)

chickywoo · 04/12/2018 22:18

Let him shave it if he wants, it will help with the bo too as there is no hair for sweat to hang around on.

userofthiswebsite · 04/12/2018 22:20

My boyfriend shaves his underarm hair as he feels it is more hygenic.

I hate hair on myself.

If he's mature enough to use a razor and shaving cream carefully I don't see why not.

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