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housequery · 21/11/2018 19:30

My dd is 8.5 and already has breast buds and needs a crop top. She's so so skinny (6th centile) but tall (91st) so they're really obvious, especially in a gym leotard. No other signs apart from using deodorant.

Where's my little girl gone??

OP posts:
BeeMyBaby · 26/11/2018 21:58

My daughter is roughly the same age and I'm panicking, she got bo when she was 6, has started to tell me that she is getting boobs (though I can't really see it myself) and pointed out that she had a pubic hair (again it was difficult to see as she is blonde). She was on 50th centile for bmi but after a growth spurt is now on the 18th percentile I think for bmi. Do you know if there is a timeline on when she might get periods anywhere? I was 11 so I'm hoping not before then, but I can't really remembering this happening to me, plus I was chubby so I guess it would be more expected in my case.

BeeMyBaby · 28/11/2018 07:24

After googling it's normal for this to start at 8yo and periods normally start about 2 years later after first signs of breast buds

SinkingSlowly20 · 28/11/2018 07:33

My DD started with buds at 8yo, she’s now 9.5yo. Has everything apart from periods but I imagine they’ll arrive when she’s 10yo.

She’s very tall (top centile) and I think it’s common to start earlier when taller.

Body odour is bad despite showering everyday and wearing deodorant, i’m so worried she’ll get teased for it.

ifink · 02/12/2018 21:46

Every child is different and you'll hear lots of stories of v early breast development and periods - the range is 8 to 12.....some will have everything at 8, some a little at at 8.5 wearing a crop top, really it's just normal.

DD (11) had breast buds at 7, not even 11, lots of pubic hair, spots, greasy hair, proper boobs...still no has taken years for all of this to develop, keep calm, she is still little :0)

Yolande7 · 05/12/2018 00:27

Periods at 8 are not normal. Any signs of puberty younger than 8 are considered precocious puberty. These children need to see a specialist, because there are various problems associated with PP, eg. loss of a lot of potential height, depression, brain tumors (very rare), etc..

Branleuse · 15/12/2018 12:11

Yolande, thats not true.
8 is a normal age to start periods. Its the younger side of normal, but its normal. You do not need to see the doctor about moderate signs of early puberty below this, and you dont need to make hysterical claims. An 8 year old having breastbuds and wearing a croptop is totally normal.
If a child starts puberty or 4 or 5 for example, yes, they might try and halt it, but the puberty blocking drugs also have a long list of side effects, so they wouldnt use these unless in extreme cases

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