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Small present ideas for preteens

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Icantfindausername · 21/10/2018 10:00

Any small not expensive present ideas for
11 year old boy
13 year old girl
Finding girl things SO much easier smellies make up umbrella nail things etc but boys are so much harder.
Any ideas? Thank you

OP posts:
ScarlettDarling · 21/10/2018 10:07

Giant space hopper!
Power bank to recharge phone/iPad.
Grow your own Venus flytrap.
Board game (labyrinth, pandemic etc)
Chocolate pizza.
Astronaut selection book by Tim Peake.
Posh hot chocolate from Whittards or somewhere with those chocolate stirrers.
Form cards (have a Google, my son loved them.)

JiltedJohnsJulie · 21/10/2018 17:39

Lynx. Sorry, it’s all I can think of Blush

JiltedJohnsJulie · 21/10/2018 17:53

Thanks for your suggestions Scarlett. I’ve just had a look at the Formcards and I think they’d be perfect for my DH. He loves stuff like that.

OP I’ve just seen a suggestion of texting gloves on another thread. How about those?

Icantfindausername · 22/10/2018 07:20

Thanks for the idea.
Foam cards look fab I've never seen them before! Definitely on his list now thanks x

OP posts:
josewright · 30/10/2018 04:29

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