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Bed wetting at 10 years old

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recla · 24/09/2018 20:45

Hi my daughter occasionally still bed wets (maybe once every couple of weeks) is this worth a gp visit?

OP posts:
sleepismysuperpower1 · 24/09/2018 20:46

i would go to your gp, just as a precaution. all the best x

yikesanotherbooboo · 24/09/2018 22:24

If she has always done it , is dry in the day and especially if the frequency is lessening it is very unlikely to be a medical problem as such. I am sure you have read the numerous threads on bedwetting . Your GP will not think it odd if you attend however.They will ask a few questions and rule out urinary infection and constipation.then they will have a chat with DD about whether she wants or needs medication.

rizkhanjr · 25/09/2018 20:11

This reply has been deleted

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