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DS2 age almost 12, is it hormones?

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BaconAndAvocado · 21/09/2018 18:07

My lovely, golden son has recently been losing his temper, becoming extremely moody and occasionally down right rude to me.

Is this hormones? And if so, do I just let it all go or do I reprimand him?

He's just gone into his new school, Year 7 and is finding it all a bit overwhelming.

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JiltedJohnsJulie · 21/09/2018 18:56

I think it’s probably a combination of school and hormones. Absolutely make it clear that his behaviour towards you isn’t acceptable but try to stay calm, which is easier said than done Hmm

With our Preteen I find it hard to get the balance right between letting her feel loved, doing things together that she’ll enjoy and making sure she isn’t talking to me like something she’s scraped off her shoe.

BaconAndAvocado · 22/09/2018 11:25

Your post rings so true Jilted

He's been utterly lovely last night and this morning. He even told his sister that he lives her!!!!!!! She was so shocked she couldn't speak!!!

Guess it's going to be a roller coaster for the next few years and DD has just turned 10 Shock

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BaconAndAvocado · 22/09/2018 11:26

LOVES her!

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SpoonBlender · 22/09/2018 13:09

DD will be getting into the same rollercoaster this year, probably! Good luck. Read up on brain changes during puberty - it's interesting, they're basically broken (can't model other people correctly, can't judge situations or risks, don't understand what appears to be straightforward communication) while the brain reorganises itself. And more importantly, train yourself not to be horribly upset when one of them does/says incredibly stupid/thoughtless/hurtful things - which will happen.

Ah, fun times.

BaconAndAvocado · 22/09/2018 17:59

Thanks Spoon
It's so horrible when they speak to you in a shitty way, especially when you remember them as loving little beings!

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