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Preteen heard parents having sex

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DumbleDork · 11/09/2018 14:13

Hiya everyone.
New member here so please be gentle Smile

I may out myself here so if you know me in real life based on this story then shhh Grin

Right, I’m a 31 year old mum to 2 kids, boy aged 10 and a girl aged 4. Been with my husband almost 15 years.

I think I may have had my most embarrassing ever moment as a parent yesterday. Mortified doesn’t even come close to how I’m feeling.

Yesterday afternoon I was waiting in the playground for my boy to come out of school. His teacher stuck her head around the classroom door, beckoned to me and said “Can I have a word please Mrs DumbleDork?” Me being me was thinking “what on Earth has he been up to now?”

She then offers for my kids to play in the conservatory with the teaching assistant, which made me think this is more than a minor incident with my lad if she doesn’t want them to overhear our chat.

She then proceeded to tell me that my boy was quite tired when he arrived school and when she asked him if he was ok he said “no not really” and when she asked him why he said “my mum and dad woke me up having by sex last night”

(Just to clarify it was about half 11 at night and he’d been in bed since 9 and was fast asleep)

She just said that she has a duty of care towards my boy to inform me that’s he’s heard us and it’s made him uncomfortable.

I’d never met his teacher before yesterday as we are so new to the term and the first ever conversation I have with her is about me having sex with my husband. I actually wanted the ground to swallow me up.

My question now is:

How do I approach my boy about this? At 10 he’s in his last year at primary school so he’s had sex education and knows a bit about it all. Should I even talk to him about it or leave it for him to talk about it? He’s asked if he can sleep at his nans house tonight so he’s obviously really uncomfortable about it.

And also, was his teacher right to approach me about it? I feel very uncomfortable even having to see her now and we have a whole year ahead of us.

Thanks all Smile

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