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Entertaining a pre-teen and a pre-tween

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Echobelly · 15/08/2018 20:06

So it's not got critical just yet, but I can tell that in the next year it's going to get harder to entertain both kids with stuff they will like. DD is 10, DS just turned 7 - she's starting to moan about films we suggest being too babyish, about summer camps she does with her brother being 'more for little kids'; she still just about likes going to playgrounds, our default entertainment choice, but not sure how much longer it will last.

Thus far they've been OK doing most things together, but I'm wondering what I do with them once she 'pulls away' in terms of wanting to be more like a teenager - for a start, what kind of summer camps she can do before she's old enough to be on her own all day?

Will we just have to drag her along reluctantly with her brother? Alternate between things each one likes to do? Give her a smartphone and let her sit sullenly on it all the time?!

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BackforGood · 15/08/2018 23:27

Depends what her interests are, and what your finances are like.
I've always found it good to separate my dc out for spells during the holidays.
There are sports camps, multi activity camps run by the council here, various nurseries and school put on holiday clubs. Multi sport, or sport specific camps, or just a short part of the day.... for example when my youngest was about 6 she did a week of 1 hr a day intensive swimming course. It made the world of difference to her swimming and I left the older ones for a couple of hours while I took her. Or now I see a centre near here advertises bike maintenance classes for dc - just a couple of hours, but something that would be "hers" without sibling dragging along. Sometimes it is just nice to have some 1:1 time for a bit while the other one is doing something.
Can you have a friend round, and maybe see if one of them can go to another friends every now and then? They always entertain themselves better with friends than with siblings. I even found if all 3 of mine had a friend round on same day, it was great - they all entertained themselves for the day rather than squabbling if just my 3 here.
Doesn't have to be all the time, but if separate from siblings some of the time, then it is ok to do other things together.

Echobelly · 16/08/2018 08:13

I should add, I work ft, so that also complicates holiday activities. I may be OK for her to make her own way to camps etc after she's 11 (because she'll be making her own way to secondary school), although I don't know whether all camps will allow that.

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