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Y6 school uniform emergency?

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TallAndUnapologetic · 08/06/2018 20:19

So, DD (11) begins secondary this September coming. However, puberty has stolen a march on her and she's currently edging 5'7" (blame Dutch ancestry). This is otherwise fine except the skirts which were comfortably knee-length last September are now edging mid-thigh. No one's said anything as yet but since she gained another half-inch (!) almost over half-term, I'm tempted to swap it out for a cheapo substitute. However, with term ending v. soon, it doesn't feel worth it. Has anyone faced similar?

DD remains blissfully unaware of any issue (something I'm quite keen to preserve until summer minimum) and dresses not really an option as she's never liked them.

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nurgh · 08/06/2018 20:20

It's the last 6 weeks I really wouldn't worry. Teachers are used to this.

YearOfYouRemember · 08/06/2018 20:22

Do it

My dd has changed her uniform this term ready for September. Apparently they change them for year 11 as most children are too tall for the kilts. We were told we had to buy the skirt from the school shop, £25 each. Dd assures me everyone is buying the same skirt from an online shop for £10 cheaper.

Sirzy · 08/06/2018 20:23

If it fastens comfortably I wouldn’t worry!

If you have to get something can you get it in the secondary school colours?

bookmum08 · 08/06/2018 20:25

I would buy a couple of new skirts. It's not like they cost much. You can usually get packs of two for a fiver in supermarkets etc.

TallAndUnapologetic · 08/06/2018 21:11

@nurgh - Are they? That would be reassuring. My schooling was all over in Europe so school uniform has been a learn-as-you-go experience.

@Sirzy - Luckily length is the only issue.

Pre-buying something for secondary is out as our local secondaries insist on kilts or logoed 'school skirts' - some collective measure against the "horror" of skirt-rolling I think but it doesn't seem to have worked. Lots of high hemlines wandering in and out of DD's next school. I don't plan to say much if she starts doing it - seems perfectly harmless.

OP posts:
JiltedJohnsJulie · 09/06/2018 09:40

Our term ends around the 20th July so I’d be tempted to leave her in the skirt she has, but my DD is about a foot shorter and isn’t growing Grin

If she’s still shooting up bookmum08’s suggestion of a couple of new skirts for a £5 seems reasonable.

My DSister once grew 6 inches over the summer holidays, if she’s growing at that rate i’d defintely get the new skirts Grin

Rowgtfc72 · 17/06/2018 12:35

Dd is also yr 6 and 5ft6. Her school dress is an age 15 and bum scraping almost. She wears shorts underneath. I've had to cut slits in the capped sleeves too. School are fine with this. What are school aren't fine with are the plimsolls she is currently wearing instead of shoes. She's a size 8. No way am I risking new shoes now with a six week summer break on the horizon!

TallAndUnapologetic · 19/06/2018 00:04

Ah, shorts would've been a perfect stopgap if not for a gymnastics fad in Y4. DD begged for a pair of black cycling shorts, then about a week later declared them so uncomfortable, she didn't care who was watching! (The cartwheels stopped pretty much overnight)

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