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Does an earlier puberty in boys affect their adult height?

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SirSidneyRuffDiamond · 23/05/2018 15:11

DS is 11.5 (yr 6) and has started puberty. He has BO, tells me he has "hairs" growing and his feet have grown lots in the last 2 months (from size 5 to size 7). He is just under 5ft 2 now.

I'm aware this is earlier than average but not that unusual and was fairly unconcerned until a friend helpfully pointed out that an earlier puberty will mean he ends up shorter than boys with a later start. I've looked online and can see this can be the case with precocious puberty, but cannot see any other info. So I am looking for anecdotal evidence Wink. Did your earlier pubescent boys end up tall, short or average? And how long does the foot growth continue - at this rate his shoes might bankrupt us Grin

Also how long into puberty did their voices break because he's started to sound quite "throaty".

OP posts:
AmazingPostVoices · 23/05/2018 15:15

Tbh at 11.5 yo I don’t think your son is a candidate for precocious puberty.

In boys it’s usually counted as puberty starting before 9yo in my understanding.

LARLARLAND · 23/05/2018 15:16

Height is basically down to genetics, particularly parents' height, together with good diet/sleep etc.

MrsDilber · 23/05/2018 15:21

We went for a school session on puberty for our kids and were told it could start at 9, so I don't think he's early. I started my periods at 11.

My one DS is 6ft 4in, he had friends that were really short till about 16, then shot up (one really was very short compared to his peers and ended up at 6ft).

SirSidneyRuffDiamond · 23/05/2018 15:23

No it's absolutely not precocious puberty! I know genetics plays a key role - however this helpful friend implied that height potential is affected by entering puberty earlier than average. She used the word "stunted" Shock. I thought it was probably a crock of shite, but wanted some reassurance Blush

OP posts:
NotSuchASmugMarriedNow1 · 23/05/2018 15:25

It's my understanding that females stop growing 2 years after first period but didn't think puberty affected male height

NotSuchASmugMarriedNow1 · 23/05/2018 15:26

Forgot to add my own son started puberty at 11 too and his growth definitely wasn't stunted. Maybe your friend is confusing males with females

thatwouldbeanecumenicalmatter · 23/05/2018 15:27

DH shot up at 13 and stayed the same (average male) height since.

PickAChew · 23/05/2018 16:01

Mine is still growing steadily at 14.5, though his feet haven't grown much in the past year. his voice broke fairly early along

madmomma · 31/05/2018 23:04

Dunno re boys but my eldest girl was right on the border between precocious and normal/early and she ended up at 5ft.

StarUtopia · 31/05/2018 23:07

Maybe it's just with girls? I was very early (10), and very tall all the way through primary school. Sadly didn't grow at all after that! Just 5'2. Very annoying that I spent my childhood being picked on for being tall, and spent my adulthood with people making comments about how small I am!!

Slightlyperturbedowlagain · 31/05/2018 23:08

My DS’s 12.5 year old friend began puberty and growth spurt at 10 and is now 6ft, so it obviously doesn’t necessarily follow. His mum is hoping he won’t continue to grow for too much longer as it’s very expensive and size 13 shoes are harder to find! (He’s been checked and everything ‘normal’)

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