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Ballet Bun

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Lynnebarnet22 · 19/11/2017 10:09

Our nine yr old D/S is keen on ballet, which he’s done since he was five. He’s the only boy in the class and wears a regulation ISTD leotard and tights like the girls - which he loves. However, he now has long hair and I’ve recently been tying it in a ballet bun. He looks fab, but D/H doesn’t agree.

OP posts:
Gizlotsmum · 19/11/2017 10:14

Doesn’t he have a separate boys Ballet uniform? Most schools do.

UnmentionedElephantDildo · 19/11/2017 10:18

Boys would be wearing dance shorts.

Hair according to dance school/company's regulations.

Lynnebarnet22 · 19/11/2017 14:15

Hi, Thanks for your replies. D/S has a boy’s uniform which he wears for exams, but for class he prefers leotard and tights. He says it’s much nicer than the boys’ uniform, which he calls boring. The school is happy with this and there’s no problem. D/H however has never liked him doing ballet and hates the ballet bun.

OP posts:
roundtable · 19/11/2017 14:20

What does your ds think? You said it looks fab but is that you that thinks that or him?

Watching with interest as I have a 4 year old ballet dancing ds. He asked to do it.

He wears shorts and a white football skin with ballet socks and shoes at the moment though. Going to see if he really wants to carry on before spending £ on other kit.

Gizlotsmum · 19/11/2017 14:20

Do you do his bun just for Ballet?

Hauntedlobster · 19/11/2017 14:26

Man buns are a thing, whats the big deal?

Lynnebarnet22 · 19/11/2017 15:01

Hi, Many thanks again and I hope your son does well at ballet. I know it’s unusual, but D/S loves wearing the same as the girls: a sleeveless maroon leotard and pink tights. He also adores his hair in a bun, but only for ballet. Normally he has it in a pony tail. The other mums say he looks lovely and D/S likes all the attention he gets. On the flip side, D/H calls him a sissy which I can’t stand.

OP posts:
Gizlotsmum · 19/11/2017 15:41

Meh as long as DS is happy I wouldn’t worry

MiaD13 · 25/01/2018 18:31

I'd be having a word with your DH to be honest

Your son is happy and confident and that's the main thing ! It would be horrible if that amazing confidence was wobbled by your DH's comments

I think he sounds great and good luck with his ballet xx

EggsonHeads · 25/01/2018 18:34

So long as you aren't encouraging him to be vain. Vanity one a rather unpleasant character flaw.

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