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Swimming /period advice

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Lilibert · 15/09/2017 09:29

Hi there, im new to this so heres hoping my message arrives here! My problem is my 11 yr old has started her period and we have swimming weekly so im not sure how to protect her, i dont want her using tampons just yet, shes traumatised enough as it is, not impressed at all!! Has anybody got any advice, thanks.

OP posts:
Whinesalot · 15/09/2017 09:34

Just give her the confidence to sit out and not squirm with embarrassment because of it. You can do this by being very matter of fact and not treating it as a big deal.

Sorry not much help.

TeenTimesTwo · 18/09/2017 15:31

Miss 1 in 4 sessions.

packofshunts · 18/09/2017 18:25

Why not at least give tampons a try? My friends DS is 11 and after a few attempts is quite happy to use them. Also makes life a lot simpler

Flicketyflack · 18/09/2017 18:27

DD is exactly the same. I have offered advice on tampons and she does not want to try them yet therefore we miss one when she is on her period.

I am sure with time she may change her mind but until then we miss a lesson, no big deal.

dementedpixie · 18/09/2017 18:28

why don't you want her using tampons? Have you asked if she wants to try them? You can get Tampax lites that are thinner or lillets do a teen tampon

ponderingprobably · 18/09/2017 18:36

When I was a young teen I didn't ask, I got my own applicator tampons out of curiosity. Liked them and later asked my mum for some as I said towels were uncomfortable for riding my bike. She was fine but gave me non applicator but I got used to them & from then preferred them.

I would mention them as an option. No pressure. The leaflets in the box has all the insertion and safety information she needs. You could just get a pack.

booellesmum · 18/09/2017 18:43

I would get some tampons and let her have a go in her own time. I've never forgotten when a few years ago a colleague came back from a lovely family holiday abroad but said her DD had not had much fun as had to stay out of the pool all week as she was on her period. I still feel for her.
There are obviously times when you need to avoid swimming if having a really heavy flow but generally they should not get in the way of having fun.

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