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Deodorant for excema

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Spottylu · 23/08/2017 17:53

Hi, dd is 8 and going through puberty. She's really sweaty at the moment but every time she uses deodorant, she breaks out in a nasty excema type rash.
Does anyone have any recommendations we could try. We've tried a natural one (the salt stick) and dove so far.

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3had0w · 24/08/2017 13:22

Hi, I'm not sure of deodorants to use but was going to suggest using talcum powder.

My DD was very sweaty around that age too and someone suggested talc to me, saying that deodorants (even gentle and natural ones) are too harsh on their young skin. I'm not sure if this is true or not but it worked well for my DD. Sprinkled onto her hand each morning and then rubbed into armpits before dressing. She also use to then use body sprays to spray onto her clothes as she got a little older. She now has no problems with using deodorants Smile

3had0w · 24/08/2017 13:24

Boots/ amazon and I'm sure many other places do a deodorant specially made for children so if the talc doesn't work for you and your DD then maybe you could try one of these

Gileswithachainsaw · 24/08/2017 13:24

Green people.

Dd uses a green people roll on. Avacado and quinoa or something (it smells quite nice don't worry)

Blue54VWGolf · 25/08/2017 01:05

Dd (age 9) uses this - Sainsbury's and Boots both stock it

PinkGlitter17 · 25/08/2017 01:37

I made my own, using equal parts coconut oil, cornflour, and bicarb. I've always been a sweaty person, and I was really surprised to find that it works really well!

Spottylu · 25/08/2017 22:09

Thanks everyone. We will give some of these a try.

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