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Hair removal

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UnicornPug · 05/08/2017 22:44

I've just discovered my 11 year old daughter has shaved her pubic hair off. I gave her a razor about a month ago as she wanted to shave her armpits and legs. I have no problem with that at all.... but I have no idea why she's shaved her bits. I asked her outright and she looked pretend confused and said "oh, aren't you supposed to?" I know her confused face and this wasn't it. She knew what she was doing, I just don't know why.
Now I barely shave at all, (armpits and occasionally legs but that's it) so I know she's not copying me! I've told her that it's going to itch like mad when it grows back and that she is to leave it alone once it does! That we can talk about bikini lines when necessary, but pubic hair has a function and should be left alone. Does that sound about right? She's not even started secondary school yet so I can't imagine what she was thinking....

OP posts:
Mrscropley · 05/08/2017 22:47

Just tell what it's like the hair on her head - she can decide what she wants to do with it herself!!
And mean it!!

dementedpixie · 05/08/2017 22:50

it's really up to her what she does with it. Did you ask her why she did it?

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