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Almost 12yo collecting 8yo from school

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badgerread · 02/06/2017 11:30

My eldest DS is 13 in August. He breaks up earlier for the summer holidays than his DB who is 8. I work full time and there are a couple of days in the holidays (before DS8 breaks up) that rather than asking DM I thought I could ask my DS12 to collect his brother from school at 320, take him home and then wait in for me until I get home at 535pm. They get on well and my eldest is a sensible boy, he knows not to answer the door or landline if I'm not there.

Do you think he/they are too young?

OP posts:
WegmansCookies · 02/06/2017 11:32

I would do it. They would love the freedom and it would be a good way for the older one to have a bit of responsibility (and to organise his day if he's free the rest of the time).

drspouse · 02/06/2017 11:35

It's quite common in my DS' Reception class for Y7/Y8 siblings to collect. The school seems happy with it. If your eldest is OK in an emergency and can make your younger DS behave well enough to be safe, that sounds good for both of them.

SoupDragon · 02/06/2017 11:38

This would have worked with DS1 and DD but not DS2 and either of them!

It all depends on the children IMO.

BackforGood · 02/06/2017 11:48

No, not too young at all.
As a novelty like that, they'll probably enjoy it.

CaulkheadUpNorf · 02/06/2017 11:51

Check with the school, ours doesn't let anyone under 15 collect.

PatriciaHolm · 02/06/2017 11:51

Are you sure school would allow it? Not all will let under 16s collect. If so and you can trust them both, it sounds like a good plan, especially as it's only for a short while.

PaintingByNumbers · 02/06/2017 11:53

the 8 year old is old enough to make his own way home as well, if route is suitable.

ClemDanfango · 02/06/2017 11:53

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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