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10 year old is so down

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Welshy123 · 22/05/2017 14:27

Hi my daughter has said numerous times she doesn't feel herself, she said she feels down a lot and hates school. I know alot of kids hate school but she has always been a happy outgoing girl and she's doing a complete 180 and is very down a lot. I've spoken to teachers and they are helping her a lot at school. Is anyone else going through this as it's tearing my heart out to see her like this and I want to help her.

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elektrawoman · 24/05/2017 14:57

Sorry no advice but I am having a similar issue with DD 11.
In our case I think it's to do with self-esteem - not feeling like she is 'cool', saying that other children think she is weird, feeling like an outsider - and also friendship issues - girls can be mean! It's so sad because she has always been so lively and fun-loving, and she says she can't be herself any more. She still goes to school OK because she is pretty sensible, but I get tell she is starting to dread going.
If anyone has any advice or can suggest any books we can read about it I would appreciate it too! Sorry to jump onto your post.

LittleBoxes · 05/07/2017 09:08

Same thing happening here. DD is in the last few weeks of primary school and hasn't turned 11 yet, though she started her periods before she was 10 so is well into puberty (which I think is part of the problem with 'feeling different' - she has a completely different body type to most of her friends). She is going to a secondary school without any of her friends (it just turned out that way), but she seems to be falling out with most of them anyway and says she 'wants a new start', but I think is simultaneously worrying about secondary school a lot. Very down and crying most nights (and some mornings), but can't seem to tell me why - just 'I feel so sad all the time mummy'. Getting to the point where I'm wondering if I need to take her to see the doctor, though I'm hoping once we're into the summer holidays she'll cheer up a bit.

It's heartbreaking when I think about this time last year, when she was jolly and daft and had a happy, tight-knit little group of friends who did everything together. Now she seems so unmoored and desolate, bless her. And definitely saying she 'feels weird'.

I've tried so much to cheer her up - getting her to write a big list of worries, snuggling up with her in front of films, trying to distract her with fun activities and household tasks (thinking it might make her feel more useful). But nothing seems to be working, and at the moment I'm just giving her lots of hugs and telling her everything's going to be OK.

So I don't have any advice, just sympathy!

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