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What does your 12yo ds do at home?

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WorkInProgess · 19/03/2017 10:23

That doesn't involve a screen. Ds isn't sporty, he likes drawing and lego but often says at weekends that he's done those and doesn't know what else to do. None of his school friends live that near and as he goes on the bus I haven't got to know any of the other mums to arrange get togethers.
Yesterday I got him doing some cooking, went out for a walk with him and helped him organise his homework and tidy his room before letting him game. Today though he's already watched loads of netflix and I have a ton of housework and two younger dc to look after and am at a loss as to what to suggest he does.

OP posts:
lljkk · 19/03/2017 13:41

Pokemon Go... not all screens.
Squabbles with siblings.
Tell me too much info about PokemonGo.
Will go on long walks with me (telling me all about PGo).

WhatHaveIFound · 21/03/2017 13:29

Normally piano practice, Lego building & homework. Occasionally watches tv. Weekends are running/cycling/climbing and annoying his big sister.

Tonight DH and i are out at school so i'm guessing he will sneak onto the xbox.

QueenofLouisiana · 30/03/2017 21:38

Reads manga books, draws manga comics, looks through "how to draw manga" books (do you sense a theme here??). Listens to audiobooks/podcasts (has visual processing difficulties so this is easier than reading), plays with his adored hamster.

Goes to Scouts, swim trains/ goes to the gym (8hrs a week). Hangs out with a mate- they are learning to skateboard. Rides his bike.

Eats. Looks for food. Eats.

MarciaBlaine · 30/03/2017 21:53

Is he at Secondary? Not for you to arrange get togethers anymore. You could ask he'd like to invite a friend over for the afternoon/for tea etc etc.

QueenDork · 30/03/2017 21:58

Reading (mostly comics), board games, helping around the house, cooking under duress, music practice.

JustDanceAddict · 01/04/2017 13:19

Most of it involves a screen - he uses Skype/PS4 to speak to his friends. He also does a drama club and does usually have one social arrangement. He skateboards so if weather is decent he goes on his board too. Last weekend we took a frisbee to the park and went for a cake after which was nice. Was Mother's Day and we were the only two in!

CurlsandCurves · 01/05/2017 16:27

Now the weather is picking up he quite often goes out with friends after school. It's a mixed bunch of boys and girls, they walk or bike into town or to the local park. Last year they built a den in the local woods.

If not, he will quite happily play out with his younger brother and his friends. They are mixed ages from about 6-9yrs. I think he likes being the older cooler kid! They just play out on our street.

NameWithChange · 13/06/2017 22:54

Good question. I am finding the battle against iPad/games relentless. Sorry nothing to offer here. He tells me he doesn't want to do anything with me so pretty stuck!

Peekaboo04 · 22/06/2017 09:44

Our dd would quite happily spend the day either on the computer or watching netflix so it is hard to get her to realise there is a world outside of electronic devices Grin I try to get her to do other things first then she can lose herself in netflix etc but she also doesn't have a lot of friends nearby and she is extremely overfriendly so I worry about letting her go too far by herself, like meeting friends in town or whatever. I will be interested to see what other people have to say as maybe I can use some of the things myself Smile

Desmondo2016 · 25/06/2017 22:00

My ds is 12. In the winter, screens and more screens. In the summer I never see him lol. He's either out playing football, water fights, playing at the park (more football) building dens, going swimming, playing football ... did i mention football? Hes just startes going into town on his own on the bus (well with friends) so will go shopping and cinema etc

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