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My 11yo wants to wear makeup

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yummymummyofthree · 19/08/2016 16:07

I'm a mother of 3,and my 11yo is my oldest girl so I'm new to want cautions I should take when it come to fashion and beauty.The other day she asked me if she can start wearing makeup this did at first upset me a little bit as she's absolutely gorgeous and I remember what damage makeup did for me when I was younger I know regret wearing it at a younger age then the average age. She does have a bit of makeup but she's never really worn it anyway she's always just used it when playing with her friends but now she's going into secondary school so should I let her?

So firstly should I let her and secondly if I do let her whats the suitable amount of makeup she should wear?

OP posts:
ExasperatedAlmostAlways · 19/08/2016 16:12

Mine does. She has loads. But she tends to wear a bb cream and mascara, bit of eyeshadow and concealer when she puts it on.

She started Secondary two days ago though and has just worn Mascara and never wore it to primary. Most of her friends wear it now.

RockinHippy · 19/08/2016 16:31

Yes, let her, but the suitable amount she is allowed to wear will be what you are happy with.

I would also recommend keeping a tight reign on what she wears, whilst being open to negotiation. Also strict rules that she is only allowed to wear it for school if it doesn't interfere with her getting out on time & eating breakfast etc.

I've noticed that DDs friends who were given free reign too young, are now the ones that a couple of years later, look like painted dolls with head-butt eyebrows - not a good look!

At that age, DD was allowed bare minerals powder foundation, which is light, natural, quick to apply, doesn't look caked on & is not harmful to the skin. She used the tinted lip balms such as Baby Lips, or EOS again natural, & tweezers & a little vaseline to shape her eyebrows

A few years later, shes a dab hand with make up, even makes YouTube videos on it & her look is generally more natural, & not overly made up

She wasn't allowed mascara at that age, as its more likely to go wrong when getting ready in a hurry for school. She does have long dark eyebrows though, so dint really need it or eyebrow pencil - if your DD is fair, maybe a compromise would be having her eyelashes & eyebrows dyed

yummymummyofthree · 19/08/2016 17:16

Thank you for the help I might start her off letting her use a bb cream or a powder foundation and tinted lip balm for school and let her wear mascara at the weekends as she'll have more time to make sure she does it right! She's got lovely dark eyebrows but I might pluck them so she has a nice shape without drawing them on.

OP posts:
RockinHippy · 19/08/2016 17:19

Sounds like a good plan Smile

GoldFishFingerz · 19/08/2016 17:22

I would stay away from foundation but stick to lip gloss and mascara and other subtle things. My rule is that my DD must still look 12 and not 17.

RockinHippy · 19/08/2016 17:40

They can get very self conscious about their skin at this age, especially starting HS, so something light & natural as mentioned above really isnt so bad & wont turn them into floozies over night x

yummymummyofthree · 19/08/2016 18:49

Totally agree Goldfishfingerz I know other girls around 13 so slightly older but still they look about 17!

OP posts:
RockinHippy · 19/08/2016 18:57

Mine is slightly older, but looks about 17/18 WITHOUT make-up, several of her friends dontoo, so I would be fighting a losing battle, besides IMHO, it really isn't fair to ostracise them from their peers so much, if this what they are into - they will only go behind your back & do it anyway & then you will have no control over teaching them how to use it in moderation, it that they don't need to always wear it, which my own DD now does without any input from me.

Sunnyshine · 19/08/2016 19:02

Mine has just started , lipstick, blusher and perfume. That's it really. She likes to experiment on me and try out different looks. The eyeliner so far has been a disaster, Shock but she likes to practice

midcenturymodern · 19/08/2016 19:04

I let mine wear what she likes providing she tidies up any mess, buys it herself, and removes it properly. I buy her stuff to wash her face with.
I don't wear it at all so she has to go to YouTube to learn how to do it and she seems to have got the hang of it but light and natural isn't her style. She doesn't wear it to school as she would get her arse handed to her.

PerspicaciaTick · 19/08/2016 19:05

I'd stick with lips (tinted balms are incredibly desirable at the moment for this age group) and possibly a neutral eye shadow pallette and liner.
Get her some proper cleanser to remove it properly.

Avoid anything which coats her skin, especially if you are encouraging her to use it daily.

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