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12yo period every 3 weeks

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amidawish · 21/07/2016 14:07

my dd started her periods last June, fairly irregular for a while but settled down this year into a 3 weekly cycle!

so basically she is 7 days on, 14 days off. like clockwork - not that light either.

am tempted to take her to the gp but apart from putting her on the pill is there anything they can do?

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DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen · 21/07/2016 14:10

My friend's dd had the same but every 2 weeks! GP said to wait 2 years for things to settle down. It's an awful lot for kids to deal with, isn't it? Poor things.

amidawish · 21/07/2016 14:27

every 2 weeks Sad
ok will give it a bit longer - has only been 6 months in a regular pattern. i do hope it lengthens, seems fairly constant!

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SpikyWater · 21/07/2016 14:39

Mine have always been three weeks apart, apparently it's on the spectrum of normal.

amidawish · 21/07/2016 14:44


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bebemad · 21/07/2016 14:50

Poor thing it's miserable be sure to get her iron checked so she is not getting anemic.

A few possibilities for you, I have a few things which can cause frequent bleeding, i used to have a 14-19 day cycles ever since i was 12.

  • Thyroid problems over or under active, get them to check your TSH and anitbodies too very important
  • Low progesterone
  • PCOS
amidawish · 21/07/2016 14:54

thanks. will give it til the New Year - if they haven't lengthened will get her checked out.

have googled it - apparently she needs to look at the full moon to regulate her cycle to the moon cycle Hmm

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amidawish · 21/07/2016 14:57

VitB6 and magnesium too can lengthen it apparently. can anyone verify that?

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FiveFullFathoms · 21/07/2016 14:58

I had this. From the time I was 13 when my periods started, to about 15 or so I had a heavy period every 3 weeks. It wasn't much fun but things did settle down. By the time I started 6th Form I had a pretty regular 28-30 day cycle.

amidawish · 21/07/2016 15:04

hope so...

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OOAOML · 21/07/2016 15:19

In my late teens I had a very regular 3 week cycle.

Adelie0404 · 21/07/2016 18:58

All my life 18-21 days! Probably wore out my poor ovaries. Started at 14 and finished at 47.
No problems getting pregnant though. And the pill sorted out for a while in my 20s.

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